Memorable Zora quotes.

Sketchy Beginnings

Sonny: [curiously opens the sarcophagus in the Prop House and, seeing Zora, she screams]

Zora: [screams because of Sonny]

Sonny: [screams again]

Zora: [responds to Sonny's scream with one of her own] Don't you knock?

Sonny: Sorry, I didn't realize anyone was here. But, you're Zora and I'm Sonny. [offers her hand to Zora] I'm new.

Zora: Obviously. Otherwise you would've knocked. Now, if you don't mind. [closes the sarcophagus]

Sonny: [her first meeting with Nico and Grady; points to Grady] You're the barf and [points to Nico] you're the stomach. That was an amazing sketch. Oh, my gosh, [points to Nico] I loved your blergh and [points to Grady] your hah. [Sonny's imitations of puking]

Grady: [laughs along with Sonny and Nico] Good times, good times.

Zora: [opens her sarcophagus and steps out] Easy for you to say; you weren't playing the toilet.

Zora: [to Sonny] Hey, I heard you got the whole sis boom bah speech.

Sonny: People are talking about that already?

Zora: No, no, I was eavesdropping. It's kinda my thing right now. That, and revenge. Wanna get some?

Sonny: No, I'm good, but thanks.

Sonny: [after placing a bee hat on a martian in the Prop House and looking around the room happily, she begins dancing around wildly and starts to sing] I'm on the show-oh! I made So Random!! I'm in the show-oh! I'm in Hollywood! Yeah! What!

Zora: [opens the sarcophagus with a smile on her face]

Sonny: [sees Zora and her hand flies to her mouth] Oh, my gosh!

Zora: Sweet! I'm no longer the weird one! Ha! [she runs off]

West Coast Story

Tawni: Hey, everybody! New girl's making a froyo run!

Zora: [slides open vent door] Oo! I'll take strawberry!

Grady: [appears in the doorway] Cookies and cream.

Nico: [appears next to Grady] Peanut butter. You know, [walks into the room] and if they don't have peanut butter, grab me a burrito.

Grady: [following behind Nico] Oh! I'm in for a burrito too.

Zora: [slides open vent door] Oh! Uh, I need twelve double A batteries.

Sonny: [coming back in with the others after they find out MacKenzie Falls has stolen their parking space] Oh, come on, guys, it can't be that bad.

Zora: Tell her, Nico, tell her what she needs to hear.

Nico: It was two years ago, MacKenzie Falls beat us out for the prestigious Tween Choice Award. And if that wasn't crushing enough, afterwards there was [pauses] the interview.

Chad: [the interview from two years ago] You know, a lot of people would say that it's "so random" that we won this award, but it's not "so random". It's never "so random" because MacKenzie Falls rules. Thank you tweens!

Grady: Oh, we showed them. We took their parking spot.

Tawni: And stole their Tween Choice Award which we now use as a toilet paper holder! [laughs]

Sonny: Look, you guys, I know I'm the new girl -

Tawni: - bored already -

Sonny: - and I can see how upset you all are, but aren't you guys tired of the fighting? I mean, isn't it time to bury the hatchet?

Zora: A hatchet! [begins to bounce up and down] That's what we need!

Sonny: No, Zora, it's time to end the feud.

Zora: That's what the hatchet's for! [runs off]

Sonny: [walking into the Prop House after the peace picnic fiasco] Morning, everybody! I hope you're still not mad at me. [laughs before a slice of ham hits her in the face]

Zora: Ha! It works! My cold cut catapult works!

Sonny: Okay, ham in my face. I suppose I deserved that, but you guys know what you deserve? Home-baked cranberry muffins fresh from [glances at computer screen] Grady's butt? Is that Grady's butt?

Nico: It is indeed. Thanks to your stupid peace picnic, his butt is all over the internet. Two million hits!

Sonny: Well, you know what they say: there's no bad thing as butt-blicity! [laughs] Am I right? Am I right? [continues to laugh until Zora fires off her catapult again, hitting Sonny in the face once more] I see it also works with cheese. [Zora smiles and nods]

Sonny at the Falls

[while at the Falls] Ahhh! And look at this rug! [moves over to the rug under the massage cot Sonny's hiding on and drops to her knees to touch it] Ming dynasty! Hand woven! Oh, it makes me want to do carpet angels!

Tawni: Well, if you like "the Falls" so much, why don't you go back there?

Nico: Yeah, go over there and stick your head in their trust and support fountain!

Sonny: Well, if you want me to, then maybe I will go!

Tawni: Good!

Sonny: Good!

Zora: So, by unanimous vote of the cast of So Random!, Sonny Munroe is now officially banned from this Prop House! [Grady, holding a pen, bends over so Zora can place the So Random! code on his back for Sonny to sign] Sign right here. [Sonny snatches pen from Grady and signs] And here. And initial here. Here. Here. And . . and . . . Now, be gone!

Sonny: Fine! You have seen the last of Sonny Munroe!

Nico: [after entering the cafeteria with Grady, Tawni, and Zora and seeing Sonny with the cast of MacKenzie Falls] Look at her having a good time with them.

Tawni: And eating lobster! Who needs it?

Nico: Yeah. [Tawni laughs]

Tawni: [after Brenda slaps some brown glop on Tawni's plate] Huh, ho, I need it! I'm pretty enough for lobster, I-I'm cool enough for lobster, I am lobster worthy!

Zora: [slaps Tawni] Snap out of it, woman!

Tawni: Thank you.

Zora: [happily] No, thank you! [laughs]

Nico: [after the MacKenzie Falls cast leaves] Guys, we have to forget Sonny.

Grady: Maybe we should . . . apologize to her and ask her to come back.

Zora: Oh, I'll do it. Once again, it's up to me to fix everybody's mess. [spills milk] Clean that up. [leaves]

Chad: [outside of the Fall's closed set doors] Thanks for calling me, Reggie. [to Zora, who Reggie is holding] What do you want?

Zora: I need to speak to Sonny and the big palooka here won't let me through! [struggles to get out of Reggie's grip]

Chad: Well, he's doing his job, 'kay? The guy's paid to palook. [signals for Reggie to let go of Zora]

Zora: Two more seconds, and you would've been saying hello to lefty! [balls up her left fist]

Tawni: [Grady, Nico, Tawni, and Zora jump out from behind a corner dressed up as the Loser Force Four] This is why I don't trust.

Nico: Zora Why are we dressed like this?

Zora: Because we're on a mission! We need disguises! Now back in your poses! [they re-pose and walk down the hall]

Grady: [after getting shocked by Zora] Ow! Stop shocking me!

Zora: Sorry! I haven't yet mastered my powers!

Tawni: My hair itches!

Grady: I have never felt more free. I was born to wear a cape. [Zora licks her finger and pokes Grady, shocking him] Ow! What was that for?!

Zora: I just mastered my powers.

You've Got Fan Mail

Grady: ...All I can think about is what is inside that box. [glances at the tall box behind him]

Nico: Let's open it! [hops off of couch and goes toward it]

Grady: No! Nuh, nuh, nuh, nuh, no! We can't do that! It's Zora's and it says "private and confidential, do not open"!

Nico: Yeah, but if you stand like this [grabs a large envelope from Grady and places it over the words "private and confidential, do not" and laughs] it just says open. [they smile and try to open it] Right here, got the tape. [an rubber toy arrow hits Grady in the forehead] Whoa!

Zora: Back away from the box or it's gonna get messy. [Grady pulls the arrow off of his forehead]

Nico: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, ho-ho-hold up, Zora! What's the big deal? W-We weren't really gonna open it.

Zora: Yeah, right! You guys open every single package I get and eat what's inside. Whether it's food or not!

Grady: Oh, come on! Tell us what's inside the box.

Zora: You really want to know?

Nico and Grady: Yeah.

Grady: Tell us.

Zora: Okay, come in real close. I'll tell you. [Nico and Grady go to her and she yells] NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS! [Nico and Grady jump back in surprise] So keep your mitts off my mail, punks! [moves her box out of the Prop House]

Grady: [to Nico in the Prop House with Zora's box] You ready?

Nico: Very ready. [they rip open the cardboard box to find a crate]

Grady: We're gonna need a crowbar. [15 minutes later, the break open the crate with a crowbar to find a nicely wrapped, smaller present with a bow] We're gonna need some scissors. [37 minutes later, Nico's tied up with the ribbon, struggling to get it off of him; Grady holds up a pair of scissors] May I?

Nico: Stupid ribbon.

Grady: [cuts the ribbon on the present] Oh!

Nico: One. . . two . . .[they prepare to lift up the present]

Grady: [sniffs] Dude, you smell that?

Nico: [sniffs] Smells like her grandma's homemade chocolate chip cookies!

Grady: Yeah!

Nico and Grady: [they throw off the top part of the present to find Zora's head surrounded by cookies and jump back in surprise and shock] Agghhh!

Zora: Who wants cookies? [Nico and Grady run off] Works every time. [uses her mouth to eat a cookie]

Cheater Girls

[Nico's watching a pretty girl in the cafeteria]

Zora: [pops up behind Nico and Grady with a snake around her neck] Hey, fellas. I couldn't help but overhear your conversation. There's only one way for a guy like you to get a girl like that, rent my snake.

Nico: Zora, what are you talking about?

Zora: Well, here's how it works: toasty almonds here takes the snake and scares the dame. Then lover boy swoops in, saves the day, and ends up with the girl of his dreams in those toothpicks [pokes Nico's arm] he calls arms.

Grady: That is brilliant. I-It's like taking a girl to a scary movie.

Nico: Yeah, yeah. They get scared, we get to hold them. [laughs] How much for the snake?

Zora: Bernie will run you. . . 85 dollars.

Nico: [jumps up] What?! Oh, that's outrageous. [the girl walks by and he turns to Grady] Pay the lady.

Poll'd Apart

Sonny: [to Tawni; violin is heard playing] You shaved your head?!

Tawni: Actually, it's a bald cap. But symbolically, yes, I did shave my head.

Sonny: Sharona has driven you to wearing a bald cap?

Tawni: If I don't have the best hair, I may as well not have any hair at all!

Sonny: [goes over to Tawni's dressing area and pulls back the curtain to find Zora playing a violin] Cut it out, Zora.

Sonny: I'll be back in a little while.

Tawni: Yeah, just go! Turn off the light and leave me alone with my bald, bald head! [violin is heard playing scary chords]

Sonny: [pulls back Tawni's dressing area again to find Zora using her phone] Zora, I told you to cut it out.

Zora: That wasn't me. [Tawni and Sonny looked scared, so Sonny quickly leaves]

Sonny: [after talking to Sharona] Tawni, I have really good news. [shouts in alarm at Tawni's pictures] You symbolically shaved all your photos?!

Zora: [jumps up] Heh! I helped! I made this one a pirate! [holds up picture of Tawni with a beard, eye-patch, and mustache] Argh!

Sonny With a Chance of Dating

Zora: Why would Murphy ban you two from the cafeteria?

Nico: Apparently it's against studio policy to shove yo head underneath the yogurt machine. [smiles] It was worth it.

Grady: [laughs sardonically] Well, some of us wouldn't know.

Nico: Let it go!

Zora: Look, what you two need is a lawyer.

Nico: What do we need a lawyer for?

Zora: To plead your case to Murphy and to get your ban overturned.

Nico: Where are we gonna get a lawyer?

Zora: Huh, you're looking at her. [smiles]

Grady: But, do you even know what you're doing?

Zora: I think we all know the answer to that. [reminds them of Sally Jensen] Another case won by Sally Jensen, kid lawyer! I fight for you!

Zora: [in the cafeteria] Officer Murphy, I'm Sally Jensen, kid lawyer.

Murphy: I'm familiar with your work.

Zora: Good. Now, did you or did you not see my clients underneath the yogurt spout?

Murphy: I did.

Zora: I was hoping for "did not." [to Nico and Grady] Side bar, please! [the three huddle to the side] Okay, you guys are doomed. Dummy up while I go in for a plea bargain. [goes back to Murphy] Alright, my clients accept thirty years to life.

Nico and Grady: What?!

Nico: Side bar! [they huddle to the side again] What are you doing? You are the worst lawyer ever.

Murphy: I'll tell you what, you let me eat my lunch in peace, and I'll let these two beefsacks off the hook.

Zora: Ah, I wish it was that easy.

Nico: It is that easy!

Zora: A good way to get them to stay off the hook is if my clients do some community work in the cafeteria.

Grady: What?! No, wait -

Murphy: - community service? What a great idea. [to Zora] Three hours?

Zora: Three, or six? [Murphy leaves]

Nico: Stop doing that! We were off a-a-and you put us back on.

Zora: That's because I'm Sally Jensen, kid lawyer! I fight for you!

Grady: No. You didn't.

Sonny and the Studio Brat

Sonny: [to Dakota] So - oh, look, there's Zora! Hey, Zora. [Zora rides her scooter by the two and stops]

Dakota: [to Zora] Hi.

Zora: [smiles at Dakota, then frowns] Evil. [rides away]

Sonny: Uh, don't take that personally, that's just Zora.

Dakota: [to Sonny] I. Want. Chad! [stomps on Sonny's foot before leaving the cafeteria]

Sonny: Ow! [follows Dakota]

Zora: [enters the cafeteria after passing by Dakota and Sonny] Evil.

Nico: [Tawni shows him and Grady "The Basement"] This is the basement set we used in the basement sketch.

Tawni: And now, with a few throw pillows and better lighting, it's Hollywood's hottest new teen club: The Basement! Ooh! Ooh! Now get over here and disco hoot for the camera! Ooh! Ooh! [Nico and Grady join in while Zora takes pictures]

Zora: Okay, now keep it cool. [takes picture] Yeah, that's it. Now, act like you don't know you're pictures being taken. [takes picture] Yeah, that's great! Now give me obsequious!

Nico, Grady, and Tawni: [confused] Huh? [Zora takes picture]

Zora: That's it. I just wanted a shot of you looking confused and I got it.

Tawni: Okay, we've been seen. Now, Zora, get our pictures on the internet.

Zora: Got it, chief. [leaves]

Tawni: [to Nico and Grady] And you two [pauses shortly] tear the set down. [Nico and Grady stammer their disagreements as she walks off]

Zora: [comes back] Now give me "I just got stuck with all the clean up". [starts taking pictures of them] Yeah, that's it, baby! Work with me! Yeah.

Tawni: [in the Prop House meeting Dakota] Aw! Is this the little darling from the Children Having A Dream foundation? [pats Dakota on her head]

Zora: [opens her sarcophagus] Awwww! [glares at Dakota] Evil.

Sonny: Zora, she is not evil.

Zora: [in the Prop House after Dakota picks up a garden gnome] Hey, hey, hey! Paws off the gnome, sister.

Dakota: It's mine. [pauses shortly] Until I get to meet Chad.

Zora: Uh, ho, ho, I don't think you wanna get in a gnome fight with me. [grabs for the gnome, but Dakota pushes her back]

Dakota: [to Tawni about the gnome] Oh, look, he's wearing the same pants as you.

Tawni: Oh, that's - [Dakota throws the gnome on the ground, breaking it]

Zora: Gnome-y! No, you -! [attacks Dakota before Sonny grabs Dakota while Nico and Grady restrain Zora]

Sonny: Dakota! Stop!

Zora: [entering Sonny and Tawni's dressing room] Look who we found making a break for MacKenzie Falls. [Nico and Grady follow her in holding a struggling Dakota]

Sonny: [tied to a mannequin] I'll handle this. [goes to Dakota] You are one mean, manipulative, selfish -

Zora: - gnome murdering -

Nico and Grady: - Chad-loving -

Tawni: - Sonny tying -

Sonny: - evil little girl.

Dakota: And you say it like it's a bad thing.

Dakota: [to the So Random! cast in Sonny and Tawni's dressing room] My daddy thinks I'm an angel.

Zora: Heh, heh. Obviously he doesn't have a very good sense of direction. [glares at Dakota and points downwards]

Mr. Condor: [to Dakota in The Basment] Let's go, angel.

Zora: Angel? She's a little - [Tawni quickly clasps her hand over Zora's mouth]

Promises, Prom-misses

Sonny: [entering the Prop House after ending her talk with Chad on her phone] Chad says hi.

Tawni: What did he really say?

Sonny: Well, he said that all proms stink. They don't stink; you guys know that. [no one says anything] Oh, my gosh, you don't know that. You've never been to a prom?

Tawni: I've been working since my first diaper commercial.

Zora: I'm eleven.

Nico: I was on the road doing my one man show.

Grady: [to Sonny] Nico!

Zora: [to Sonny] Uh, question: are we bringing dates to this shindig, 'cuz I just broke up with my boyfriend Holloway.

Nico: W-wha- you had a boyfriend named Holloway?

Zora: Heh, yeah. That's the last time I get involved with a ten-year-old. In fact, why don't you put me in charge of security?

Nico: Holloway ruin romance for you?

Zora: Nah, I just like wearing black!

Tawni: [to Zora while holding up a tiara] Everybody laughed when I bought this. [blows on the tiara before brushing it with a toothbrush] Who's laughing now?

Zora: I'm not! That's my toothbrush! [snatches the toothbrush from Tawni and glares at her]

Nico: You know, Sonny has some crazy ideas. But having a prom may be the best thing that's ever happened to us. [laughs]

Sonny: [entering the Prop House] Prom's off, everybody. [sighs]

Tawni, Nico, and Grady: What?

Tawni: I've been dreaming of being Prom Queen ever since you brought it up 18 minutes ago!

Sonny: I'm sorry. I tried. I even used the magic word.

Grady: This is like the puppet show all over again!

Sonny: Guys, nobody's more disappointed than I am.

Nico: [to Sonny] Ya had to ask Marshall.

Grady: Yeah.

Zora: Always gotta do everything by the book.

Sonny: Oh, yeah? [scoffs] Is that what you think? Is that what you all think?

Nico and Grady: Yeah.

Tawni: Think of what you do.

Sonny: Well, I just checked out a new book. And it's called We're Having a Secret Prom by Sonny Munroe!

Nico: W-Whoa, are you suggesting -

Sonny: - that's right; a secret prom.

Tawni: A secret prom?

Zora: A secret prom?

Nico: A secret prom?

Grady: A secret -

Sonny: - okay, I think we've said it enough times. [excitedly] We're having a secret prom!

Grady: Whu! How come you got to say it again?

Sonny: Because I wrote the book.

Tawni: I thought you checked out the book.

Grady: Whoa, wait! I'm confused.

Sonny: [sighs] Okay, there's no book, but we're having a prom.

Nico: W-Wai- a secret prom?

Sonny: Yes. Are we all on the same page?

Grady: Whoa! Wait! There's a page?

Sonny: [irritated] Really?

Sonny: Ah! Look at us! We all look so prommy!

Zora: Attention prommers! Marshall has left the building! Come on, let's make dreams happen, people. Go, go, go, go! [Nico and Grady follow her out of the Prop House]

Zora: [to Nico and Grady at the secret prom] Red alert! Red alert! Marshall's back and Sonny's stuck in his office!

Nico: What?! I thought it was your job to keep an eye on him!

Grady: Yeah!

Zora: It was, but he's like a jungle cat! [imitates a jungle cat]

Nico: O-Okay, I-I've got an idea that will get him off the lot. [pulls out his phone and starts dialing a number]

Zora: You get him off the lot, and I'll keep him off the lot!

Nico: Okay.

Marshall: [to his GPS] Okay, address has been entered. Take me to my valuable prize! [GPS beeps on]

Zora voicing the GPS: GPS Activated. Welcome! Is your seatbelt fastened?

Marshall: Yes.

Zora voicing the GPS: Are you sure?

Marshall: Who are you, my mother?

Zora voicing the GPS: Please proceed point eight miles and make a right. Then a left. Then a right. Then two more lefts. Then a left and a right and a left and a right. And a left and a right. And a left and a right. [sighs to herself] I was born for power. [puts her feet on Marshall's desk and eats a lollipop]

Zora voicing the GPS: Now make a right.

Marshall: That's my fourth right. I've made a complete circle!

Zora voicing the GPS: Technically, you made a square.

Nico: [comes into Marchall's office] Hey, Zora, have you, uh -

Marshall: Zora?

Nico: Marshall?

Marshall: [excitedly] Chip Dipper!

Nico: No, it's Nico!

Marshall: Nico? What are you doing on my GPS? You kids are up to something! I'm coming right back!

Nico: [to Zora] That was probably the wrong thang to say. [Zora smacks a hand to her forehead while using the other to pound on Marshall's desk]

Sonny: [getting to see her prom] Finally!

Zora: [runs up to her] Sonny! We got a big problem!

Sonny: Really? Is it worse than this? [gestures toward the mermaid dress she's wearing]

Zora: Eh, it's about equal. Marshall's coming!

Sonny: I just need to see my prom for one second. [enters the room where the prom's going on with Zora behind her] Oh, this is fantastic. This is. . .everything I could have ever dreamed of. [shouts] TEAR IT ALL DOWN! [everyone stares at her]

Tawni: Why?

Sonny: Marshall's coming! [Zora runs in to help people]


Sonny: [on her phone] Thank you! Thank you so much! Okay! [laughs] Bye. [hangs up and sets her tray down at the table occupied with the rest of the cast of So Random!] Guys, guess what!

Nico: The zoo's got a new panda?

Sonny: No! I -

Tawni: - decided to sit over there? [points toward the right]

Sonny: No, I -

Zora: [stands up] - saw a UFO and took pictures with your cell phone, but when you brought the pictures to the government, they were all mysteriously erased?

Sonny: Okay, guys, stop guessing. Anyway, the director of Fashionita just called and guess what! [the four are about to guess] No, don't guess. I got an audition!

Tawni: That's fantastic! [gets up to hug Sonny] Oh, Sonny! [laughs] Congratulations!

Sonny: Aw! Thanks, Tawni! I didn't expect you to be this excited.

Tawni: [laughs] I'm not. You see, that's the kind of acting should've gotten me an audition instead of you. [walks back to her seat]

Sonny: [sits down] Anyways, I'm so excited I can't even eat. Anyone want my hot dog?

Grady: Oo! Me, me, me, me, me, me, me! [reaches over to grab it only to have Zora smack it out of his hand]

Zora: Don't eat that, you fool!

Sonny: Zora!

Zora: Look, here are the facts: [begins to walk around to each person at the table] Chad is hosting a prank show, and these shows prank their victims by using their friends against them.

Nico: She's right. Chad could be working with any one of us.

Grady: Yeah, Chad could've gotten Sonny to give me a trick hot dog that's actually a stick of dynamite! [picks up the hot dog and gasps] It's gonna blow! [throws the hot dog to have it hit a guy on his forehead] Sorry! I thought it was dynamite! [laughs]

Sonny: You guys are being paranoid.

Zora: Ah, well, we can't be too careful, Sonny. Any one of us could be in cahoots with Chad. Any one of us. . .Cahoots!

Sonny: Guys, relax. We're all friends here. I refuse to believe any one of us would be working with Chad on a prank.

Chad: [walking by them] Unless one of you is. [they gasp] But probably not. [they sigh] Unless I'm lying. [they gasp] Probably not. [they sigh] Unless I am! [they gasp] See you later. [starts to walk off but turns around] Especially one of you. [winks and leaves]

Grady: He winked at Sonny!

Nico: [to Grady] Nuh, uh, I think he winked at you!

Zora: He could've winked at any one of us.

Sonny: You guys are worried about nothing.

Chad: [walking into the Prop House] Maple syrup? Really? Maple syrup?

Sonny: Chad, I'm really sorry. And after you did something nice just to be nice, I -

Chad: - syruped and feathered my friend. That's okay. I'm planning on returning the favor.

Grady: [standing up] With some flowers?

Chad: With a prank! And now what I'm gonna do is gonna be a hundred times worse than what I planned to do before.

Nico: What did you plan to do before?

Chad: Well, whatever it was, it's a hundred times less worse than what I'm planning on doing currently.

Tawni: Stop scaring us with math!

Chad: So you [points to Tawni] and you [points to Grady] and you [points to Nico] and you [points to Sonny before walking over to the sarcophagus and opening it to reveal a surprised Zora and pointing to her too] and you - all of you better watch out. [leaves]

Zora: [steps out of the sarcophagus and turns to Sonny] You fool! You've doomed us all!

Sonny: I didn't mean to doom us all. [Zora steps back into her sarcophagus and Nico and Grady leave]

Zora: [to Nico and Grady while they're putting up a trap for Tawni] What is this: an episode of the stupidest catch? What are you doing?

Nico: We're setting a prank for Tawni.

Grady: Uh huh, she's the cahooter!

Nico: Um hum!

Zora: Really?

Grady: So, see the Coco Mocoa Coco lipstick? [points to the lipstick on a table] It's Tawni bait!

Nico: Yup, yup. We glued it to the table. And when she grabs it -

Grady: - it releases the net! [the two point above their heads]

Zora: Yeah, lemme know how that works out for ya! [leaves]

Chad: [in the audition room for Fashionita] What's going on here? Okay, wait- no, where are my fish guts? What happened to my prank?!

Zora: [coming out from behind a curtain] She's not being Prank'd, Chad, you are. And you're not the new host of Celebrity Practical Jok'd, I am.

Nico: Huh?!

Sonny: What?!

Nico: Zora?!

Chad: Wha- I don't have a new show?

Grady: [laughs] No double duty? [laughs again while Chad glares at him]

Tawni: I'm on camera right now! [pushes Zora out of the way for the camera and starts to sing] I'm a little teapot, short and stout, here is my handle, here is my spout.

Sonny: [laughs] Okay, we get it, you're a teapot. So, wait, [to Fashionita director] you're not a real director?

Director: No, but I do have a new one man show called "Young Lincoln".

Sonny: Zora, what's going on here? I'm confused.

Zora: Allow me to explain for the kids at home. [turns to the camera] First, I tricked Chad into thinking he's the new host of a practical joke show when I've been the host all along. Then I get all of you [points to the So Random! cast] paranoid. Unfortunately, some of you got too paranoid. [looks at Sonny who smiles sheepishly] Then it was time to lure Chad into a trap. [Chad glares at her but turns it into a half smile in front of the camera] And Tawni here was more than happy to do our work for us. But, because Tweedle Dim and Tweedle Dimmer here got wise and almost blew the whole plan, I had to get them out of the way.

Sonny: So Chad's not the host of his new hidden camera prank show.

Zora: Nope, he's the victim of my hidden camera prank show. [to the camera] I could've sworn I just explained that.

Chad: So that's the prank? What? [scoffs] I don't have my own show? [scoffs] Ooo!

Zora: Well, that, and we glued you to the floor. [So Random! cast laughs as Chad tries to move]

Chad: [scoffs] Wha- So that's the prank? I don't have a new show and I'm glued to the floor! Bee-you!

Zora: Well, there's that and you're standing in the perfect spot to look out the window and watch them fill your convertible with elephant manure! [Chad, who was smiling, frowns and turns to the window]

Grady: What?!

Chad: [places his face against the window] No! No, no, no, no, no, no, no! [everyone crowds around to look out the window also]

Tawni and Sonny: Ew.

Zora: Chad Dylan Cooper, you've been Celebrity Practical Jok'd! [everyone laughs]

Chad: [blows raspberry] Is that all you've got?

Zora: Nah, we also glued you to the window. [everyone begins to laugh and Sonny places the fez on Chad's head before they leave]

Tales From the Prop House

Zora: [opens her sarcophagus when the ground starts to shake] Earthquake! Take cover!

Sonny: Marshall, you don't get it, this is not just a room full of funny props. This is where we came up with all of our ideas. I mean, this is like the heart and soul of So Random!.

Zora: The kidneys, and the liver, and the small intestines of So Random!.

Sonny: [to Zora] Okay, we get it, we get it. Every great sketch was born in here.

Zora: From the womb of So Random!. From the -

Sonny: - okay, seriously?

Chad: [snatches the contract back from Nico] Let me break it down for ya, 'kay? Section Four, Article Sixteen: It's a little thing I like to call "How to Keep the Cast of the Number One Show Happy" clause.

Zora: [laughs] Oh, I'll show you claws! [tries to attack but Grady and Nico stop her]

Chad: [entering the Prop House] Hey. Knock, knock.

Tawni: Who cares?

Chad: Look, Randoms, okay, I know you're mad and I'll be honest, I didn't realize how much this place really meant to you, and I may have gotten a little carried away, so got you each a litle something to say I'm sorry. [hands a present to Tawni and Zora]

Tawni: [opens her present] Oo! A bedazzled lip gloss case for my bedazzling lips.

Zora: [opens her present] Aw! Sweet! A night light for my sarcophagus! Now I can see what's been crawling on my leg. [walks off]

Sonny in the Middle

Grady: [about his and Nico's X-9000 Gaming Chair] Thanks, Sonny. You're the best gift-giver ever!

Nico: Oo! The best!

Sonny: [to Zora] This is almost as good as the gift I got you! [Zora remembers the gift Sonny's talking about]

Tawni: [in her dressing room with Sonny and Zora and a present on her dresser] Uhhhhhhh. . .[opens the present] spiderrrrrrr! [screams and runs out of the room]

Zora: A Tawni scream! Oh, it's just what I wanted! Thank you, Sonny! [hugs Sonny]

Tawni: [comes back in the building holding Zora's hand] That was horrifying. [lets go of Zora's hand] How could you trick me like that?

Zora: What? I told you we were going to see giraffes on ice.

Tawni: I thought it was a skating show. Not an animal morgue. There were actual giraffes. . .on actual ice!

Zora: What did you expect? Actual giraffes on actual skates? Oh, that's just sick! [Tawni looks disgusted and cries out before running into her dressing room while Chad walks down the hall, so she sighs sadly] Oh.

Chad: [notices Zora and stops walking] Sad kid. I have no idea what to do here. [Zora kicks the ground sadly] Well, maybe there's something in this week's script. Uh, sad kid, sad kid, sad - ah, here we go. "Hey, kid. Why so sad?"

Zora: Tawni said she'd take me out for ice cream, but now she won't. I mean, I guess I should've expected this from Tawni, but you wouldn't diappoint me, would you Chad?

Chad: I don - I don't know what I would do. [begins to flip through the script again] Uh, um - you know what? I'm throwing out the script! You're about to go get ice cream with TV's Chad Dylan Cooper.

Zora: [laughs] Cool!

Chad: [comes back in the building with Zora] I cannot believe you took me to that horrible place.

Zora: Well, if I told you we were going to see dead giraffes, would you have taken me?

Chad: No.

Sonny: [to Zora about the Garry and Larry sketch going on while Nico and Grady are arguing] Zora, get back out there!

Zora: I'm not getting in the middle of that! This is a bear head, not protective head gear!

Zora: [when Sonny runs by in the lobby of the movie theater] Oh! Hey, Sonny! How's it going for you in there?

Sonny: Hey! Great! What about you?

Zora: Great! Monkeys in cars, 3D! All I need now is some licorice and a mushee.

Sonny: Well, if I know you, you'll get it. Gotta go. [runs off]

Cookie Monsters

Zora: Hello, hungry people.

Tawni: Can't talk. Volumizing eyelashes.

Zora: Buy a box of cookies or you'll never see your eyelashes again.

Tawni: Move the box of cookies or you'll never see anything again.

High School Miserable

Dakota: (dramatically) I'm Sally Jenson and I fight for you!

Zora: (walks over) I'm Sally Jenson, and I fight you!

Zora:(sees Dakota) Evil!

Sonny: Yeah, we know.

Zora: (glares at Sonny) Not Dakota! You! Evil!

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