Vicki Sickowitz
Gender Female
Family & Friends
Production Information
First appearance "Sonny With a Secret"
Portrayed by Aimee Fortier

Vicki Sickowitz is a made up person who supposed to be always sick. Penelope created this character and dresses up as her, also wearing a mask. Penelope made her up in a big plan to break up Sonny and Chad, therefore there being a chance of Penelope herself dating Chad. She pretended that Sonny stole the sketch character 'Sicky Vicky' from Vicki Sickowitz, getting Sonny in trouble. This goes along with Penelope's many other successful attempts to get Sonny in trouble like framing her for stealing a necklace as well as Nico and Grady's (chocolate) gold coin. Vicki was going to fire the cheese cannon instead of Sonny, but Sonny loaded a cheese bomb into the cannon and left the real cheeseball at So Random!. Sonny showed up and told the truth about her own innocence and Vicki let Sonny fire the cheese cannon - but she purposely left the cheese bomb in without making note of it. Chad took the cheese bomb out right before Sonny was about to fire it, and Sonny fired the real cheeseball. Tawni caught Vicki, who was trying to escape, and unmasked her as Penolepe because of her 'ugly pilot shoes'. Even though Penelope created her, she is the total opposite of her.


  • Vicki Sickowitz's name is very similar to Erwin Sikowitz from Victorious
  • Vicki is close to Sicky Vicky with the same styled glasses and hair tied back, other than the black and red glasses, and the brown and red hair.

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