Trey Brothers
Trey and Marshall Pike talking.
Gender Male
Hometown London, UK
Profession Musician
Family & Friends
Friends Marshall Pike
Enemies Sonny Munroe
Tawni Hart
Chad Dylan Cooper
Nico Harris
Grady Mitchell
Production Information
First appearance "Sonny with a Song"
Portrayed by Guy Burnet

Trey Dylan Brothers (Guy Burnet) is a famous musician in Sonny With a Chance.


He guest starred on So Random!, to the delight of Tawni and Sonny, who were both fans. Sonny, at first, pretends not to care about Trey, but later on reveals that she is a huge fan of his. Sonny wanted to show him one of her songs, but Tawni stole her song and presented it to Trey as her own. She got a taste of her own medicine when Trey stole the song from her. He also stolen Nico's hat, Grady's jacket, and Chad's b-bangs and f-fangs. Nico and Grady trapped him in a box so that Sonny could talk with him, but he kept interrupting her, calling her a "dabbler" over and over to try to make her feel inferior. Sonny knocked on the box, accidentally making him disappear and replaced by Tawni. He later showed up at the very end of the episode to return Chad's fangs and bangs, but not before stealing the "Dylan" part of Chad's name, his limo, and his catchphrase, "Peace out, suckers." Chad is angry and chases after him to reclaim his limo.


Items stolen by Trey:

  1. Sonny's song
  2. Grady's and Nico's jacket and hat
  3. Chad's b-bangs and f-fangs, middle name, limo and catchphrase "Peace Out Suckers."

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