Tony Hawk
Series So Random!
Season 1
Episode number 5
Airdate July 5, 2011
Written by TBA
Directed by TBA
Guest starring Tony Hawk
Episode chronology
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"Mitchel Musso" "Coco Jones"
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"Tony Hawk" is the fifth episode of So Random!. It premiered July 5th , 2011.

So Random Segments

Let's Touch Animals- Lori Bedletter (Tawni) hosts an interactive show with her hook hands. She draws a name ftom a box to see who gets to touch today's animal, and the person is Rachel Rabidawitz (Zora), who doesn't want to touch the animal. The show ends with Jerry Seinfield (Shayne) touching the animal, and being attacked by it, possibly eating off his hand, like it did to Lori.

Lunch Lady Selects- Willy Crays (Shayne) appears in a girl's home and advertises Lunch Lady Selects, food bringing cafeteria food home over summer break. Lunch ladies Tina (Tony) and Sparkle (Grady) help advertise the day's specials, against the wishes of two kids.

Braggy Benson- A boy named Benson (Nico) meets two kids, Greg (Chad) and Tracy (Tawni), at school and brags about all the wrong things, like how he fails his spelling test.

Tantrum Girl: Recess- The sequel to Tantrum Girl: On Ponies. Tantrum Girl (Zora) tries to talk about recess, but gets distracted because her food touches other food.

School Announcements- Greg (Chad) and his grlfriend, Trixie (Tawni) give the school's morning announcements, until Trixie breaks up with him with flash cards.

Ooh, Yeah, Mmmm, No- Two girls named Tatiana (Zora) and Shay (Tawni) volunteer at a retirement home, and respond to many tasks by saying Ooh, Yeah, Mmmm, No.


Guest Starring

  • Shayne Topp as Shayne Zabo
  • Grace Bannon as Grace Wetzel
  • Matthew Scott Montgomery as Matthew Bailey
  • Drew Baker as Drew Walsh

Backround information

  • This episode reveals that, or at least hints, that Chad Dylan Cooper is still the star of Mackenzie Falls. When he says that when he was made a regular on So Random!, he could promote Mackenzie Falls, this reveals, or at least hints that he is doing So Random! and Mackenzie Falls.
  • Chad's character. Greg Markowski, appears in 2 sketches, during this episode. Braggy Benson, and the Morning announcements.
  • This is the first episode with no musical guest star.

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