The Real Princesses of New Jersey
Cindy, Snowy and Beauty getting their nails did.
Seen in "High School Miserable"
"A So Random! Holiday Special"
Parody of The Real Housewives of New Jersey
Starring Sonny Munroe (former)
Tawni Hart
Zora Lancaster
Grady Mitchell
Chad Dylan Cooper

The Real Princesses of New Jersey was a sketch featured in "High School Miserable", "A So Random! Holiday Special", and episode 4 of So Random!

"High School Miserable"

Snowy (Sonny Munroe), and Beauty (Zora Lancaster), are at a nail salon. Snowy asks Beauty what she is planning on wearing to the ball. Then Cindy, (Tawni Hart), comes in and asks why she wasn't invited. To the camera, in a different room, Snowy explains she didn't want to invite her, referring to her last trip to the ball which was a "complete mess". Later in the nail salon, she gives Cindy a poison apple, and Cindy passes out. Snowy and Beauty are pleased they outsmarted Cindy, and that it works all the time. The three girls are seen in their princess costumes outside of the high school fantasy in the episode.

"A So Random! Holiday Special"

The scene begins with a page seeing Snowy's house, decorated for Christmas. We see inside and hear a knock on an orange door, and Snowy proceeds to answer it. It's Cindy and Beauty wishing her happy holidays, ready to exchange gifts. Snowy rushes them because Prince Carmine is coming. Cindy gives Snowy a fancy dress. Snowy's all excited and loves it until she looks at the price tag. She gives a disgusted look at the price tag and then at Cindy. The scene changes over to Snowy's throne in her interview. She says Cindy is cheap and shows that it was made by Birds and Mice. Beauty gives Cindy a gold scarf-y type thing. Cindy believes it has cost a fortune and goes to the mirror in the can (bathroom) and asks if it was a grand (a thousand dollars).

Mirror says it was a grand total of nothing and the princesses fight over the gifts. In the distance, you hear Prince Carmine saying to come because he's listening to his fancy music in his carriage. Snowy tells him to come to the door. The two fight and then Carmine (Chad Dylan Cooper) finally comes to the door and notices Beauty (who he knows) is there. Snowy is a bit upset and Cindy happens to know him also. Snowy confronts him, and he talks badly about the princesses. Scene changes to Prince Carmine's throne and he says he knew Cindy for a while and was interested until he saw her fat feet. He broke 3 shawns and a rib trying to get those "meatblocks" into those golden slippers. Snowy wants to be professional and the 3 agree. Beauty then goes with a wand Snowy gave her and turns Carmine into a frog. They then take Carmine's carriage and go off to party.

So Random, Episode 4

Cindy is bossed around by her stepsisters (Grace Wetzel and Bridget Cook), but is helped by her fairy godfather(Shayne Zabo) and gets to go to the ball. The clock hits midnight, and Cindy come shome, upset, and finds that her Bon Jovi BonBon dish was stolen by the fairy godfather.


  • This sketch is a combined parody of both "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" and the Disney company's own Disney Princess franchise.
  • This sketch could refer to Demi Lovato's movie Princess Protection Program, where she played Princess Rosie. Though Rosie was a nice, friendly and extremely girly princess and Demi's princess in this sketch is mean and selfish.
  • Sonny's character name Snowy is a reference to Snow White, one of the Disney princesses.
  • Tawni's character name Cindy is a reference to Cinderella, also one of the Disney princesses. This is further referenced by her intro line, "If the slipper fits, then you too can be a princess"
  • Zora's character, Beauty is a reference to Sleeping Beauty, one of the Disney princesses. This is further referenced by her intro line, "With all the beauty rest I get, isn't it any wonder why I'm so hot?" She is also a reference to Beauty and the Beast,
  • This sketch appears twice in Season 2.
  • We assume because Sonny and Chad are now broken up Snowy and Prince Carmine are too.
  • The sketch was revamped when So Random spun off into it's own show.
  • Snowy won't be in the sketch anymore, due to Demi Lovato's (Sonny Munroe) decision to leave "Sonny With A Chance".
  • Cindy's step sisters may be based on Snooki from Jersey Shore, due to their big 'poof's and their sprayed on tans..


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