The Monster Under My Bed is a Jerk
Gooper attempting to scare Jasmine.
Seen in "A So Random! Halloween Special"
Starring Zora Lancaster
Sonny Munroe
Grady Mitchell

"The Monster Under My Bed Is A Jerk" is a sketch featured in the episode "A So Random! Halloween Special"


Zora Lancaster as Jasmine

Grady Mitchell as Gooper

Sonny Munroe as Mom


It starts out Jasmine is on her computer looking up videos and she says "Bears on trampolines" She laughs then her mom comes in and says "It's time to go to bed" She says "Ok" and then she says "But Mommy, Could you check under my bed for monsters?" Then The Mom says "Monsters don't exist, Goodnight hun." Then as Jasmine gets in bed she widens her eyes and screams "MONSTER!" Then the mom says "No Monsters." and Gooper gets out from under her bed and he roars, then he says "OH YEAH! YOU HAVE A COMPUTER!" And he goes and plays the computer. Then she says, "How long are you gonna be on my computer?" and he says "Uh, is this a library? Is there a time limit? Because last time I checked, I'M THE MONSTER HERE!" and then Jasmine says "You're not scary you're just annoying!" then Gooper says "Whateves." Then the mom says "I HEAR TYPING!" and Jasmine says "It's not me It's the MONSTER!" and then she says "DO YOU WANT ME TO COME IN THERE?!" Jasmine said "Yes! That's EXACTLY what I want you to do. Then Gooper pushes her on the chair and gets in bed. Then Jasmine's mom says "OMIGOSH! Did you order these on the internet without my permission?!" "NO, Mom they are MONSTER FEET!" "Well I don't care what you call them YOU ARE GROUNDED!" "But no........." Gooper says "Well, that's just great, No computer, NO COMPUTER Now I guess I'm just gonna have to eat ya." Then Jasmine says "You know who's internet connection is REALLY fast, My Mom's." Then Gooper says "Good lookin' out kid" and he goes into the mom's room, she screams "AHHHH! MONSTER!!!" Then Jasmine says "For the 1 millionth time monsters Don't exist."


  • This is one of Grady's few main roles.
  • This is only shown on one episode, A So Random! Halloween Special. Maybe it will be shown on more in the future.
  • It fits the Halloween Theme.

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