Missing from this photo: Chad Dylan Cooper and Tawni Hart

This song is from the episode, "The Legend of Candy Face".


Sonny: Turns out that I was Candy Face,

Ms. Bitterman: And I had ointment all over the place.

Nico: I was so scared he made me hurl,

Grady: And made Chad Dylan scream like a girl.

Chad: The woods and altitude make my voice high,

Tawni: And a new curling iron Sonny must buy!

Sonny: I know.

Tawni: Hairmaster Model 302,

Sonny: I got it.

Tawni: And it better be in Aqua Blue!

Sonny: Okay!

Zora: And if if you think Candy Face has bid adieu,

Ms. Bitterman: Beware my friends,

All: Candy Face is in you!

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