Tammi Hart
18 tammi
Tammi Hart in "Hart to Hart".
Gender Female
Profession Talent manager
Family & Friends
Children Tawni Hart (Daughter)
Friends Connie Munroe
Sonny Munroe
Production Information
First appearance "Hart to Hart"
Portrayed by Christina Moore

Tammi Hart (Christina Moore) is Tawni Hart's mother and manager.

"Hart to Hart"

Tammi hart

Tammi and Tawni

Tammi has blonde, curly hair and is obsessed with her looks. Her personality traits and features are like her daughter's. In the episode "Hart to Hart," Sonny says, "You look like Tawni and and you're treating me like the maid, so you must be Tawni's mom, Tammi!". In the same episode, Tawni and Tammi fall out because Sonny

Tammi hugging Tawni

convinces Tawni to fire her manager, not knowing that Tawni's mom is her manager. Upset after firing her mom, Tawni comes to stay with Sonny and her mother for four days. The two eventually make up when Tammi and Tawni do a "work it out" dance in which Tammi admits that she controls Tawni because she is scared of her growing up. In the end Tammi and Tawni go shopping to make themselves feel better, saying "shop it out!". Also Tammi seems to know Sonny's mom because she calls her on the phone when Tawni is crying on the couch.

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