Sword of Mackenzie
MF swordfight
MacKenzie and Trevor faces Devon
Series Sonny With a Chance
Season unknown
Episode number Season Finale
Airdate August 25, 2009
Directed by Eric Dean Seaton
Episode chronology
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"It All Comes Down to This!"
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Sword of Mackenzie is one of the season finales of number one Tween drama MacKenzie Falls. It was released included on the Sonny With A Chance Volume 1 DVD that was released on August 25, 2009.


MF scar

Penelope asks Mackenzie about the scar on his hand

Mackenzie is disappointed that Chloe could not make it to the launch party of his family's new all natural energy water and asked Trevor to give the toast instead of him. Devon of course protested, and mocked Mackenzie about feeling the pressure of being left in charge and about missing his father. Penelope then comes up to him and offers to help him forget about both his father and Chloe. Penelope then asked Mackenzie about the scar on his hand, a question he refused to answer.

MF phone

The masked fencer shows them a video of a tied-up Chloe

Trevor was suddenly thrown to the ground in front of them, he was unable to stop a masked fencer from challenging Mackenzie to a sword fight. Mackenzie then remembers his vow to no longer wield a blade due to an incident several years ago: he accidentally killed Devon's horse Hershey, the only thing their father left him, during one of his and Devon's sparring sessions, where Devon scarred Mackenzie's hand in anger. The masked fencer, in order to make Mackenzie fight him, showed them a video of a tied up Chloe saying that the fencer stole her science fair project. The fencer revealed that he plans to use Chloe's science fair project to turn the water of The Falls yellow and warm.

Mackenzie arrived fashionably late at The Bluff near The Falls. He and the fencer engaged in battle, while explaining to Chloe that he picked up the sword again for both of them. When Mackenzie finally knocked off the fencer's blade, he picked it up and threw it over near Chloe. Chloe cut off

Chloe telling MacKenzie what he did wrong

the ropes that bound her using the sword and deactivated her science fair project. Instead of Devon, the fencer revealed himself to be Mackenzie's evil twin. The twins fought each other again, barehanded this time, and Mackenzie got pushed off towards the falls. The evil twin pretended to be Mackenzie, and came back to the party with Chloe. Mackenzie turned out to be alive, barely hanging onto the cliff. The episode ends on a dramatic clifhanger.


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