Sonny and Tawni in their dressing room!

When Sonny first met Tawni, there was immediate hostility, because Tawni didn't want Sonny on the show. She was afraid Sonny will steal her spotlight and therefore acts hostile towards her. Later on a friendship developes between the two of them, and in the second season of Sonny With A Chance, it is obvious that the two are friends. It is mostly Sonny who shows friendly affection towards Tawni, but in very rare times the situation can be vice-versa. Sonny and Tawni are best friends. Although Tawni acts as if she doesn't like Sonny, she acts as if she's her best friend.

Sonny/Tawni Friendship Moments

  • In "Hart to Hart", Tawni took Sonny's advice and moved in with her.
  • In the first episode, Tawni had to share her dressing room with Sonny, she soon softened up and dealt with it.
  • In "Sonny, So Far," Tawni has flashbacks of Sonny doing nice things for her and turns the screen off when Sonny and Chad are about to admit their feelings, so that Sonny doesn't get embarrassed on live TV.
  • In "Sonny With a Chance of Dating", half of Tawni's mind wants to protect Sonny from James. (The other half of her mind is filled with jealousy.)
  • In "Guess Who's Coming to Guest Star", Sonny asked for help from Tawni.
  • In "Sonny With a Secret", Tawni offered to drive Sonny to Wisconsin.
  • In "Sonny With a Secret", Tawni was the only one who believed that Sonny was innocent.
  • In "Sonny with a Song", Tawni felt bad that she stole Sonny's song.
  • In "My Two Chads", Tawni didn't yell and complain at Sonny.
  • In "Sonny With A Kiss", Tawni pressured her to kiss Chad differently than the others did.
  • In Cheater Girls, Tawni wanted to do a movie with Sonny about the "Check It Out Girls".
    Check it out girls
  • In "Sonny with a Choice", Tawni comforted Sonny about her breakup with Chad, saying that "what we [the Randoms] care about is you [Sonny]".
  • In "New Girl", Tawni incentivates Sonny when she is about to sing for the first time in public the song What To Do.
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Sonny and Tawni BFFs 4 eva!!


Sonny: Hey, does this fat suit make me look fat?

Tawni: You're in a fat suit?

Sonny: Ha, ha. See, I was going to tell you how good you did in that fast food sketch, but now I don't think I'm going to.

Tawni: You just did.

Sonny: Darn my niceness!

Tawni: Sweetie, I know it must hurt to be so unpopular. Well, I don't know. I can only imagine. Just like you can only imagine what it's like to actually BE popular. You see, every fan letter is like a hug from a friend.

Sonny: Is this pep talk almost over?

Tawni: Let's see. I got more pep. So yeah, all done!

Tawni: Are you insulting me with geometry?

Sonny: [to Tawni] You wanna go get some cake?

Tawni: Ooh... and cookies.

Sonny: I can't just come between love.

Tawni: I don't want you to come between it, I want you to crush it!

Sonny: My friend never got to realize her dream.

Tawni: I'm not really paying attention. And I can already tell this friend of yours is you.

Tawni: I don't know why you're packing, you're not going anywhere until you apologize!

Sonny: I don't know why you're packing because I'm not apologizing!

Tawni: Of course you're apologizing it's your thing, you apologize. It's the circle of life [pretends to draw a circle in the air] Cir-cle!

Sonny: And here's what I think about your [makes hand motion] cir-cle! [pretends to grab circle]

Tawni: [gasp] What are you doing to my circle?!

Sonny: I'm ripping it! [pretends to rip circle]

Tawni: Give me that! [they start fighting for the circle]

Sonny: Got it! [Tawni cries]

Tawni: Check out its chicken neck.

Sonny: Check out its chicken arms.

Tawni and Sonny: They're called wings.

Sonny: It felt so good to check it out with you.

Tawni: Really? 'Cause I thought that you thought Dinka was better than me.

Sonny: And I thought that you thought you're partner was better than me.

Tawni: My partner was a goat.

Sonny: My partner sang like one.

Tawni and Sonny: I'm sorry. [hugs each other]

Tawni: Oooh. I'm seeing a lot of angry people over your shoulder.

Sonny: And I'm watching a goat go to the bathroom over yours.

Tawni: Bravo.

[Sonny closes the painting and turns to Tawni]

Tawni: Well played. I can't believed you tricked me.

Sonny: Tawni, you don't understand.

Tawni: No, you don't understand. I can't believe you tricked me.

[Sonny smiles nervously]

Tawni: I'm so proud! [hugs Sonny]

Sonny: And I thought you weren't a hugger.

Tawni: And I thought you were above manipulative to get a boy. Apparently it's opposite day!

Tawni: [reads song title] "Me, Myself and Time." Let's hear it.

Sonny: What?

Tawni: You heard me.

Sonny: I don't really feel comfortable--

Tawni: SING!

Sonny: [smiles nervously and then sings] I can make the rain stop if I wanna just by my attitude.

Tawni: Huh. Not bad.

Sonny: Really?!

Tawni: Not the song. Using music to get a musician. Why didn't I think of that?

Sonny: [pulls the curtain and sees Tawni] Tawni?!

Tawni: You're right. I am a lying, self serving, song stealing phony! [confused] How did I get in this box?

Sonny: And besides, I'm more of a dabbler anyways. [in a British accent] Dabbler, dabbler, dabbler.

Tawni: If you won't sing it honey, I will.

Sonny: [puts the book down and smiles] You believe in me Tawni.

Tawni: Those better be the first words in that book.

Sonny: [sitting] I'm sorry we lost.

Tawni: I don't care about that right now.

Tawni: But what right now, what we care about is you.

Tawni cares for Sonny.

Sonny: [smiles] Thanks guys.

Tawni: So, did Channy kiss yet?

Sonny: Gee, let me think, noo!

Tawni: Well you better get your kiss on quick because one half of Channy is kissing on MacKenzie Falls.

Sonny: Look, I'm not bothered with Chad kissing another actress. He's a professional and so am I.

Tawni: Oh, so you would be okay when MacKenzie puts Chloe in his arms and says...

Chad: Chloe, I can't resist your lips any longer. I need to kiss somebody.

Sonny: [frightened expression on her face] Well, I guess I need to go and call my grandmother in Wisconkiss. Kissconsin. You know what, shut it, Tawni. [leaves dressing room with a frown on her face]

Tawni: It bothers her more than I hoped it would! I win! [smiles]

Sonny: A kiss should be natural, and spontanueous, like the rest of the world doesn't exist. It's just you, and...[looks at Tawni eating muffin] that muffin! Gosh take a breath!

Tawni: [mouth full of muffin] See, this is what a spark looks like.

Sonny: Well you know what, I'm gonna get the same spark with Chad that you have with that...muffin. [walks away]

Tawni: Good luck! [talks to muffin] We're so good together.

Sonny: [flips pages] Channy, Channy, CHANNY. Ugh, I can't take it anymore!

Tawni: Then do I have good news for you! I think I have a way to solve your problem with Chad. I've put together a catalog of boys I've rejected, that I think would settle for you.

Sonny: [smiles] Aww, Tawni. You know, it's moments like this where you learn to appreciate having real friends.

Tawni: [smiles]

Sonny: I'm gonna go find one. [leaves]

Sonny: You know, Tawn, with you by my side, I got nothing to worry about!

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