Sonny and Tawni in their dressing room.


Sonny and Tawni in their dressing room!

The dressing room at So Random! shared by Tawni Hart and Sonny Munroe.


Prior to Sonny joining the show, this dressing room was shared by Tawni, Mandy and Zora, although Zora prefers to live up in the air vents instead of the actual room and also the sarcophagus in the Prop House. And thus leaving the room to be shared by Tawni and Mandy, up until the point Mandy left. Tawni then claimed the dressing room as her own and placed excersing equipment on one side in "Sketchy Beginnings," until the point Marshall revealed that she would be sharing the room with Sonny. Tawni wasn't very happy to give up part of her room for Sonny. There is also a shrine to Trey Brothers behind the flower painting.
Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 2.52.11 PM


The room is currently divided in half for Sonny and Tawni. (Zora has still yet to regain her claim to part of the room and is normally seen in their vent or in the sarcophagus in the Prop House). Now, the girls don't use the dressing room, since Sonny isn't on "So Random!" anymore.

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