Sonny With a Kiss
Sonny and Chad on a picnic preparing to kiss.
Series Sonny With a Chance
Season 2
Airdate November 21, 2010
Directed by Eric Dean Seaton
# US viewers upon premiere 3.65 Million
Episode chronology
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"Dakota's Revenge" "A So Random! Holiday Special"
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"Sonny With a Kiss" is a season 2 episode of Sonny With a Chance. This episode aired on November 21, 2010. Channy lock lips for the first time



Sonny and Chad at their interview.

The episode begins with Chad and Sonny being interviewed about their relationship. The interviewer, Tia, is excited to have them on the show and decides to create a mash-up couple name for them: "Channy." Chad and Sonny are excited over the name. The interview proceeds to ask about their first kiss. Sonny and Chad admit that it hasn't happened yet, prompting the interviewer to encourge them to have their first kiss right then. Sonny and Chad become insulted and leave the interview.

In the commissary, Chad and Sonny are still upset over the interview. They sit down at a table with Tawni, Nico, and Grady, who admit that though they are disgusted by thought of them kissing, they're confused on why it hasn't happened yet too. Sonny notices that Chad has a bit of mustard around his mouth and goes to wipe it off with a napkin. When she does the crowd in the commissary begins to cheer, "Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!" The pair become insulted and leave the commissary. (Plus, Sonny doesn't want to kiss Chad with stinky mustard breath.) Later, Nico, Grady, and Marshall are walking down the hall to the boys' new dressing room. They walk into the dressing room and notice how old and smelly it is. Marshall reveals that the dressing room was the once that of the famous silent movie star, Spatzy Carbuncle. Marshall tells them that Spatzy's spirit is still lingering in the room, leaving Nico and Grady a bit frightened. Their fright increases when they begin to hear moans coming from Spatzy's portrait. The boys flee from the dressing room.

In Sonny and Tawni's dressing room, Sonny is questioned by Tawni on whether or not she kissed Chad yet. Sonny replies, "Uh, lemme think... No." And Tawni proceeds to tell her that Chad is set to kiss Chloe in the episode of MacKenzie Falls that week. Sonny claims that she is not bothered by Chad kissing another girl for his job, but she later has a fantasy of the kiss and becomes bothered by it.

Meanwhile, on the So Random! stage (which is set up with a carnival theme), Grady is looking for Nico. Nico pops up and Grady explains to him how Spatzy died. As it would turn out, he died in his dressing room, leading them to believe he's haunting his dressing room. Chad walks onto the stage talking on his phone. He tells the person on the other line that he will not comment on when and how he will kiss Sonny and then reveals he's speaking to his mother through his farewell. Chad asks Nico and Grady what sketch they're performing that they need the carnival scene. They explain that Sonny is a playing a girl who is Queen of the Kissing Booth, which is funny to them since Chad and Sonny are both "the King and Queen of the Not Kissing Booth". Chad's fantasy of Sonny working the kissing booth with Grady and Nico urges him to kiss her. Chad becomes panicked and leaves.

In the hallway, Chad and Sonny run into each other. They decide they are going to meet later that day and have their first kiss. That night at the beach, Chad and Sonny are having a picnic with each other preparing for their kiss. When they start getting ready to kiss one another, things become awkward fast. They move in for the kiss, but quickly turn away to do some last minute things. They move back in for the kiss, only to bump foreheads. They decide to try again with Sonny's hand around the back of Chad's head, but her bracelet ends up hooked on his hair. She pulls it out, causing him to wince. They decide to try again, but this time Sonny knocks her head into Chad's mouth, knocking out one of his teeth. A helicopter shines it light over the two to notify them that they're trespassing, but soon enough the helicopter pilot realizes it's "Channy" and urges them to kiss. Sonny and Chad flee from the beach.

The next day, in Sonny and Tawni's dressing room, Tawni tells Sonny that she knows her and Chad haven't kissed because she says it's woman's intuition, but that it's mostly because Sonny has a tooth mark on her forehead.Meanwhile, Over at MacKenzie Falls, Chad is getting his tooth replaced by a dentist who is very interested about Channy. Back in the dressing room, Sonny cannot figure out why they just cannot kiss. Tawni tells her that they have no spark. Sonny believes their kiss did not happen because they tried to plan it. Tawni claims that her and her muffin have a spark and Sonny and Chad do not. This makes Sonny determined to go get that spark with Chad. Sonny goes over to MacKenzie Falls to speak to Chad. She is rambling about how just because they cannot kiss doesn't mean there's no spark, but when she tries to kiss him there, he tells her not to bother. She becomes upset that they really do not have a spark and runs off. Chad calls after her to


Nico and Grady find out that Marshall was making the noises.

explain that they dentist gave him a shot and he cannot feel anything and that they do have spark. In Spatzy's dressing room, Grady is trying to summon Spatzy's spirit to ask him nicely to leave. Nico bursts into the dressing room with a fire extinguisher with the intention of blasting Spatzy's spirit with it. Grady uses a bowling ball for cyrstal ball to summon him. After a bit of summoning, Spatzy's portrait begins shaking and moaning. Nico gets ready with a fire extinguisher to spray Spatzy. The boys panic and Grady throws a bowling ball through the portrait. Nico sprays the portrait. Marshall pops up through the portrait, revealing that the gym is on the other side of the dressing room. He continues on to yell at the boys for destroying the portrait. Marshall goes to attack the boys through the wall. They run.

In the Prop House, Sonny is sitting with a magazine talking all about Channy. Even the cover has Channy's faces on it. Tawni comes in with a binder and offers her a list of boys that she rejected, but would settle for Sonny since Chad isn't really working out. Sonny pretends to be touched and claims that this is a time it's good to have real friends. She stands up and drops the binder, saying she needs to go find a real friend. Upon walking in to the hallway, she finds a heart-shaped note on the wall that instructs her to follow the rose petals that have been scattered across the floor. She excitedly skips down the hall, following the petals, which leads to her dressing room. She walks in and there is a table set up with another note sitting on a metal dome. She is instructed to "lift the dome to reveal a treat". She does so, and screams when she finds Chad's head with his lips puckered waiting for her. Sonny yells at him for scaring her. He claims that he was only trying to be original with his kiss. They begin to fight about who's fault it is that they cannot kiss, and Sonny reveals that she sick of Channy. Sonny leaves. Chad tries to follow her, but the table on his shoulders prevents him from making it through the doorway. He manages to remove the table, but becomes caught in the tablecloth. At this moment, Nico and Grady are walking down the hall discussing about how there are no ghosts. Chad runs out with the tablecloth on and scares them.

Chad finds Sonny on the So Random! stage. Both Sonny and Chad admit that their sick of Channy. They do

Sonny and Chad's first kiss.

not like the pressure of having to be the "perfect" couple. They decide that maybe it's better for them to go back to being friends. They begin to part ways, but before they move too far, Chad asks if friends can hug. Sonny excitedly accepts the hug, saying she hugs the "Randoms" all the time.They gaze into each other eyes before kissing. They now realize that when they were Channy they lost sight of Sonny and Chad. And though Channy may have no spark, Sonny and Chad do.

The episode ends with a So Random! sketch, "The Toilet Genie and The Nerd", about a movie about a nerd (Nico) who becomes friends with a genie in a toilet (Grady).

THE EPISODE EVERYONE HAS BEEN WAITING FOR Sonny with a Kiss Sunday November 21 at 9 8c00:31

THE EPISODE EVERYONE HAS BEEN WAITING FOR Sonny with a Kiss Sunday November 21 at 9 8c


  • In one of the scenes, Chad is eating lunch with Sonny, Tawni, Nico, and Grady. This is the first time he is seen eating lunch with them at their table. In the first season, he never ate with them.
  • After the kiss Sonny has her arms around Chad for about 15 more seconds.
  • After the kiss is over Chad is still into Sonny and moves her hair out of the way.
  • Though the interviewer claims to have come up with couple name "Channy" during this episode, Chad has used the couple name prior to this in the episode "Chad Without a Chance" but isn't much heard in that episode for some sort.
  • Sonny initiates the kiss.
  • Sonny and Chad kiss for 6 seconds.
  • Sonny and Chad decide not to use "Channy", because they grow to become sick of the name.
  • Sonny and Chad lock lips for the first time.
  • Sonny and Chad kissed because they were ready, not because they were pressured to be the "perfect" couple.
  • Where they kissed was possibly the same set that was used in "Coco Jones" episode of "So Random!" where Tawni and Nico were seen at a fair.
  • Sonny and Chad were happy now that they had their first kiss.
  • Sonny and Chad were about to break up in this episode and go back to being friends, but they then have their first kiss so stayed a couple.



Guest Starring

  • Johari Johnson as Tia


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