Sonny With a Grant
Grant showing Grady the "Nu" MacKenzie Falls poster.
Series Sonny With a Chance
Season 2
Airdate December 5, 2010
Written by Steve Marmel & Michael Feldman
Directed by Eric Dean Seaton
Prod. code 221
Guest starring Preston Jones
# US viewers upon premiere 4.09 Million
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"A So Random! Holiday Special" "Marshall with a Chance"
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"Sonny With A Grant" also known as "Grant with a Job?" is the twenty-second episode of the second season of Sonny With a Chance. This episode aired December 5, 2010.



Tawni on her in-studio vacation.

The So Random! cast are all going off on their week off vacation. Sonny is going to Camp Comedy to be a counselor while Tawni is going to a cruise. Chad comes in and and tells Sonny that he is infuriated at all the leisure and nice things Zac Efron gets. Chad decides to list some demands to Mr. Condor. Nico and Zora decide to stay home for the entire week. Tawni's cruise gets canceled because of a hurricane so she decides to spend her vacation on set. Grady's brother Grant Mitchell visits Grady again and decides to start a career in Hollywood. Grady tells Grant that he needs to start at the bottom to get to the top and gives Grant a job as a busboy in the cafeteria. Grady decides to have fun by grabbing tons of food and messing them up on a table so Grant would have to clean it. But Grant instead stands up on a table and starts dancing. Mr. Condor walks in and sees this and Chad gives Mr. Condor a list of demands. Mr. Condor tells Grady to organize Chad's demands and clean up the table because he doesn't want Grant to slip. Grady becomes frustrated that everything goes Grant's way.

At Camp Comedy Sonny tries to call Chad but because the reception is bad their words seem to come out differently. Chad thought that Sonny told him to be more greedy but actually Sonny told him not to. Mr. Condor agrees to everything on Chad's lists and was about to shake Chad's hand in agreement but Chad starts to demand more things like a pony and puppy. Mr. Condor becomes mad at Chad for being greedy and fires Chad. Chad tries to outrun security but eventually gets caught and kicked off. Then Grant takes the job as the new Mackenzie and Grady and Chad are shocked to hear this.

Grady, in Chad's bedroom, trying to convince him to return.

Tawni's skin turns orange after putting on too much spray tan. Grady goes over to Chad's house and sees Chad's room is a kiddie room for a ten year old boy. Grady tries to get Chad back on MacKenzie Falls but Chad becomes discouraged. Then Grady turns on the TV to MacKenzie Falls and Chad sees how Grant is making MacKenzie Falls stink. Chad decides to get his job back.

Chad as the new Delta Nu president.

Grady walks in telling Grant that Chad is now the president of Delta Nu (he's not really) and Tawni has joined and now they are gentlemen. Then they sing a song about how they are responsible now and Grant leaves furious and Mr. Condor comes in and Chad gets his job back.

At the end Sonny does a commercial for Camp Comedy saying they will teach them classic comedy things like double take, spit take, double spit take, stepping on a rake, and slipping on a banana peel.

Catch an all NEW Episode of Sonny with a Chance Sonny with a Grant, Sunday at 9 8c!

Catch an all NEW Episode of Sonny with a Chance Sonny with a Grant, Sunday at 9 8c!

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  • This is the second time Nico has been absent for an episode.
  • It is implied that Zora is spending her week off in her hometown (Portland,Oregon).
  • Sonny is not the main character in this episode, Grady and Chad are.
  • This is the only time in the series where Sonny has a minor role.
  • First (and only) episode where Grady appears without Nico.
  • Although only sharing banter at the end of the episode, Grant appears to be taking a liking to Tawni. Whether it just be through teasing or romatically, is unknown.
  • Grady is capable of singing in a high falsetto voice.
  • Although the Randoms have off for a week, Mackenzie Falls does not, which reflects that the shows don't normally get the same time off.
  • The melody of the new Delta Nu song is by Ludwig van Beethoven's 9th Symphony (also known as Ode an die Freude / Ode to Joy or Freude schöner Götterfunken, original lyrics by Friedrich Schiller)
  • This is the first time Grady says "stupid".
  • Chad was being kind to Grady by letting Grady kick himself out rather than Chad calling security.
  • Grant appears for the second time in the season and the series itself.
  • This is Mr. Condor's final appearance on the show.
  • Tawni must have used something like the one in Big Time Rush where James uses something to make him tanner.
  • This is the last episode to feature Channy because Marshall with a Chance doesn't have Chad in it.

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