Memorable Sonny Munroe quotes.

You've Got Fan Mail

Sonny: Hey, Marshall!

Marshall: Hey, kiddo! Great rehearsal. I loved you in that "Baby Waa-Waa" sketch.

Sonny: Thanks.

Marshall: [laughing] When you spit up on that changing table, I laughed so hard I got that pain I like.

Sonny: Good! Look, Marshall, do you think it's weird I haven't gotten any fan mail yet?

Marshall: No, not at all. You know, not everybody gets fan mail.

Josh: Here's your fan mail, Marshall.

[Chad's with Josh, preparing for a mailboy role in a film]

Chad: [to himself] Announce mail, then present mail.

Sonny [to Marshall]: You get fan mail?

Marshall: No! It's not fan mail. I get letters from people I don't know who admire me.

Sonny: That would be fan mail.

Marshall: Well, If you want to put a label on it.

*Sonny's phone rings*

Marshall: Is that a COW?

Sonny: Yeeessss... and it's standing right behind you!

*Marshall turns around*

*Sonny runs away*

I'm off to rehearsal. Besides, I'm not going to let this bother me. I'm way too mature. (Grabs giant baby bottle and bonnet for Baby Waa-Waa rehearsal, smirks, and walks away)
(Reading Baby Waa-Waa lines) "Waa waa waa." That's not good. "Waa waa waa."

Tawni: Still crying about no fan mail?

Hi! This is Sonny and you've reached me on my new cell phone at 555...0125. That was way too perky.
Oh, no, no! I don't want to brag. [starts reading letter] "Dear Sonny, my name is Eric and So Random! is my favorite show. I didn't think it could get any better, but then you joined the cast. I think you're awesome and talented and please say, "Hi" to Nico, Zora, Grady, and Marshall."
Sonny: Why are you helping me?

Chad: I'm not helping. I just wanted to try on the beard.

Sonny: Sounds like somebody cares.

Chad: Somebody wanted to try on a weird beard.

Sonny: Cares!

Chad: Beard!

Sonny: Cares!

Chad: Beard!

Sonny: Cares!

Chad: Beard!

Sonny: Beard!

Chad: Cares!

Sonny: Gotcha!

Poll'd Apart

It's a skort. You know, shorts in the back, skirt in the front. It's like a mullet for your butt.

Sonny With a Chance of Dating

Hmm, let's see what's for lunch. Ick, ick on a bun, ick on a stick. Well at least today there's some variety. Ooo, that looks tasty. [looks up at James] That looks really tasty.

Promises, Prom-misses

You know what, Chad? You wouldn't know a real romance if it punched you in the face. In fact, you wouldn't know a real punch in the face if it punched you in the face. Because there's nothing real about you.

Well, he said that all proms stink! They don't stink! You guys know that. Oh my gosh! You don't know that! You've never been to a prom?
Oh stop. Really? Okay, one more. [spins in slow motion] Thanks. Oh, look at us. We all look so "prommy!"
What? Tawni, my dress was covered in food. I had to find something else to wear. It was either this or the mermaid outfit. What do you want me to do? [Sonny comes out in the mermaid dress] Happy now?

Tawni: [laughs] Yeah!

I just need to see my prom for one second. Wow! This is fantastic! This is all I could've ever dreamed of. Tear it all down!
Sonny: Marshall! You're back!

Marshall: Sonny! You're a fish.

Battle of the Network's Stars

Oh, I know how you feel. One time, I played a dog in a sketch, I got so into my character, I dug a hole in the backyard, and then I ate my homework. Oh, and then I bit the mailman. Well, I guess if someone has to play me, I'm glad it's you.

Well, how do you like me playing you? Look at me, I'm Selena Gomez. I'm the relationship wizard. I know everything. Edgebono Utusis!
Look at me! I'm Selena. I went to acting school so I could learn how to do this: Cashmerus Appearus! Yeah, it's an invisible wand!
Really, Chad? Really?
I am NOT in denial! [makes voice deeper] I am not in denial.
Selena: [Through megaphone] YOU TWO ARE...PERFECT FOR EACH OTHER! I'M OUT OF HERE!

Chad: Wait, wait! So you're leaving my movie?

Selena: Heh, I don't need this! I was in Camp Hip-Hop! [walks away]

Sonny: Okay, bye Selena! It was nice working with you! Awww, she seems nice. I should call her.

Chad: Why? You're gonna become BFFs with Selena Gomez?

Sonny: Pfft... It could happen! So... do you really think I have pretty hair?

Chad: I dunno... Do you really think I have sparkly eyes?

Sonny: I dunno... Well one of them is.

Chad: wanna be in my movie? I kind of need a Sonny.

Sonny: Fine.

Chad: Fine.

Sonny: Good.

Chad: Good.

Sonny: Fine.

Chad: Fine. I’ll set you up an audition. Nine o’clock?

Sonny: Really, Chad? Really?

Chad: [into the megaphone, quickly] Fine. You got the part.



Sonny in the Kitchen with Dinner

[After Tawni throws up on Sonny's Blarmie] My Blarmie! [crying] The Blanket with Arms!

Walk a Mile in My Pants

Tawni: Now spot the difference between my skinny jeans and Sonny's jeans her mother picked for her.

Nico: Oww...

Sonny: No, she didn't pick them out, she just... OK fine, she picked them out!

Chad: Sonny! Sonny come here...

Sonny: Yes, Chad.

Chad: I need to tell you something. In case I don't make it...

Sonny: OK

Chad: I love...

Sonny: Yes?

Chad: I deeply love...

Sonny: Go on!

Chad: ... that more kids will be reading less books because of Chad Dylan Cooper!

Sonny: (Feels Chad's face) Oh noo! I think you coming down with PFS too!

Chad: What's that?!


Chad: ow ow ow!

doctor: Ms Munroe?

Sonny: Oh, yeah yeah doc! Just fluffing! (throws pillow in Chad's face)

Sonny With a Kiss

Chad: Friends can hug right?

Sonny: Yeah...I hug the Randoms all the time!

(Their hug turns into a kiss)

Chad: don't do that with the Randoms do you? That's just weird.

Sonny: Nope sure don't. You know, I think when we were 'Channy', we lost track of 'Sonny and Chad'.

Chad: Yeah. 'Channy' may not have a spark but 'Sonny and Chad' sure do.

New Girl

Sonny: Hey.

Chad: Hey, what are you doing here?

Sonny: I, um, work here. What are you doing on the "So Random!" stage?

Chad: I think I left my glasses here.

Sonny: You don't wear glasses.

Chad: The time we went to the beach that time when we were dating.

Sonny: *puts hand on his shoulder* Well, I haven't seen any.

Chad: Well, I just really miss those glasses.

Sonny: If you let those glasses have their moment in the sun, they wouldn't of broken up with you *walks away*.

Chad: *runs opposite direction like a girl*

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