Socks With Sandals
Seen in Greyson Chance
Starring Tawni Hart
Chad Dylan Cooper
Nico Harris
Zora Lancaster
Grady Mitchell

Socks and Sandals is a sketch seen on So Random!. It features all of the major cast members of the show and shows Footy Scent (Grady Mitchell) featuring Hush Puppy (Nico Harris) as musicians rapping about wearing socks with sandals.

Lyrics (Socks and Sandals)

Walkin' down the street, the ladies all be lookin'

As I pass they say, "Hey what's cookin'?"

I say nothin' much, but they don't care, cuz @ my feet, they continue to stare...

Hey ladies do ya mind, my eyes are up here,

but it ain't their fault, I'm rockin' crazy fresh footwear!

Footy Scent is

Bringin' back, Socks and Sandals

what, what, what

Socks and sandals

bringin' back, socks with sandals

what, what, what

Socks and Sandals

Some haters say that look was never in

I say no disrespect or I'll kick you in the shin

I walk on by and say whatever, random!

Now I'm inside his head like my socks

inside my sandals.

Cuz im bringin' back socks and sandals

what, what, what

Socks and sandals!

bringin' back, socks and sandals!

What, what, what?

Socks and Sandals!

Hush puppy break it down for the fellas @ home!

(Hush Puppy Rap)

Well, well, well

ya dont have to worry 'bout clippin' your toenails,

and your feet won't get slimy if you step on a snail.

Socks add a little bit of mystery,

they prevent your toes from gettin' blistery!

And here's one more thing, just so you know,

when she asks for your digits, she means your toes!

(Back to Footy Scent)

Cuz I'm bringin back, socks and sandals

what, what, what

socks and sandals

bringin' back, socks and sandals

what, what what

socks and sandals

Flip flop, and some flippin socks

Toe sandals, ain't no scandals



You're out of ladies.

(Footy Scent)

Bringin back, socks and sandals!

What what what?

Socks and sandals!

Bringin' back socks and sandals!

What what what?

Socks and sandals!

And we look so good in sandals(I know)


This is a parody of 'Socks with Sandals'.


  • Grace Wetzel as Girl # 3


Socks with sandals

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