The following is an episode list for the Disney Channel Original Series and Sonny With a Chance spin-off So Random!. Production began February 1, 2011, and the show premiered June 5, 2011. Season 1 was the only season of the show, due to it being canceled.

Series overview

Seasons Episodes Originally aired (U.S. dates)
Series Premiere Series Finale



June 5, 2011

January 8, 2012

Season 1: 2011-2012


(Guest Star)

Directed by Written by Original airdate Prod. code
1 1

"Cody Simpson"

Jay Karas Michael Feldman & Steve Marmel 5 June 2011 301
Cody Simpson performs "All Day". Sketches: Helmet Ninjas, Zombie Man, Tantrum Girl, All-Star Wheel of Fortune, Rufus, Kid with Excuses.
1 2 "Greyson Chance" Eric Dean Seaton Michael Feldman & Steve Marmel 12 June 2011 303
Greyson Chance performs "Waiting Outside the Lines". Sketches: Socks with Sandals, Spanish with Reynaldo, The Sparrow Family, Bedazzle Zit, The I'm Going to Marry Zach Feldman Show!
1 3 "Selena Gomez and The Scene" Bruce Leddy Scott King June 19, 2011 305
Selena Gomez & The Scene performs "Who Says?" Sketches: Schooled by Grammar, Lil' Texters, Teen Rage, Sag Down Smackdown, Garlic Garden, Olaf Glutella: Fake Foreign Exchange Student.
1 4 "Mitchel Musso" Bruce Leddy Dava Savel June 26, 2011 304

Mitchel Musso performs "Get Away". Sketches: Strawberry Shortbread, Guac-A-Mole, Possibly Sarcastic Srip, Roadkill Reba, Never said I wouldn't, The Real Princesses of New Jersey.

1 5 "Tony Hawk" Linda Mendoza Michael Feldman & Steve Marmel July 10, 2011 302

Sketches: Lunch Lady Selects, Braggy Benson, Let's Touch Animals with Lori Bedletter, Tantrum Girl, School announcements, Ooo, Yeah, Uhh... No.

1 6 "Coco Jones" Bruce Leddy Jessica Kaminsky July 17, 2011 306

Coco Jones performs "Stand Up". Sketches: Bracey Girlz Rap, Sally Jenson: Kid Layer, Nolan, Angus, Supermodel from Down Under, The Back-up Singers.

1 7 "Jacob Latimore" Bruce Leddy Lanny Horn & Josh Silverstein July 31, 2011 308

Jacob Latimore performs "Like 'Em All". Sketches: Rufus: At The Movies, Passive Animal People, Jack Sparow, I Ketchup on Everything.

8 Mindless Behavior August 7, 2011 307

Mindless Behavior performs "My Girl" The So Random! cast tries to find Rufus.

Sketches: Awkward Years Cocoon, The Coolest Kid In School: Part 1, Mr. MacNamera, The Coolest Kid In School: Part 2, The Platowski Brothers, The Pig's Speech, This May Hurt A Bit, The Coolest kid In School: Part 3

9 Colbie Caillat August 14, 2011 309

Colbie Caillat Performs "Brighter Than The Sun"

Sketches: The iPatch, Angus Comes To Dinner, Cheerleader Tryouts: Part 1, The Coolest Kid In School: Part 4, Cheerleader Tryouts: Part 2, The Coolest Kid In School: Part 5, Cheerleader Tryouts: Part 3, The Coolest Kid In School: Part 6

10 Far East Movement August 21, 2011 310

Far East Movement performs "Rocketeer" with special Guest Miguel.

Demi Lovato is the "hot girlfriend" Sterling Knight pulls into the house when he's singing the break-up song. You have to look really close and quick to see her because Knight's body hides her from being seen to those who are watching the show on TV.

Sketches: Harry Potter In The Real World, Moon Landinding Bloopers, Zombie Man, Teen Range, P-Brain

11 Kicking Daisies August 28, 2011 311

Kicking Daisies Performs "Keeping Secrets"

Sketches: Lost And Found, Flash Mob: China Shop, Simple Country Boy, Project Airport Runway

12 Dave Days September 11, 2011 313

Dave Days performs "What Does It Take"

Sketches: All Magic Student Wheel of Fortune, Teachers Don't Try To Be Cool, Chilly Slab Ice Creamery, Ice Heels, Vampire Kittens

13 Chelsea Kane/Hot Chelle Rae September 18, 2011 317

Hot Chelle Rae performs "Tonight Tonight"

Sketches: VoldeMart, Nolan Knows Best: Part 1, Dance Fever, Nolan Knows Best: Part 2, Sunglass Sass-Off, Nolan Knows Best: Part 3

14 Miss Piggy October 2, 2011 316

Miss Piggy guest stars and participates in several sketches

Sketches: Pitching to Piggy Part 1, Pitching to Piggy Part 2, Odor Meaters, Sweets vs. Grain, Pitching to Piggy Part 3, Pitching to Piggy Part 4, The Real Princesses of New Jersey

15 Iyaz October 9, 2011 321

Iyaz performs "Pretty Girls" featuring Mann

Sketches: Candy Pants, Halloween Do's and Dont's: Part 1, Sally Jensen: Kid Lawyer. Halloween Do's and Dont's: Part 2, Fly Guy (Superhero), Halloween Do's and Dont's: Part 3, Rufus: Halloween


Bridgit Mendler, Adam Hicks, Hayley Kiyoko

"Lemonade Mouth"

November 6, 2011 318

Bridgit Mendler, Adam Hicks, and Hayley Kiyoko perform "Determinate"

Sketches: Talking to Girls with Chester McFowler, Class President Ads, Manny McPhee, Harry Potter in the Real World II

17 Leigh-Allyn Baker, Mia Talerico November 27, 2011 324

Pia Toscano performs her new single "This Time"

Sketches: Rufus at the Restaurant, Why? With Mia, Cheerleader Tryouts, Awkward Moments


Justin Bieber

December 4, 2011 326

Justin Bieber performs "Mistletoe"

Sketches: MC Grammar Claus, The Platowski Brothers, The Coolest Kid in School, VoldeMart, Raised By Beavers

19 Christina Grimmie December 11, 2011

Christina Grimmie performs "Advice"

Sketches: The Anime Brothers, Teachers Don't Be Cool II, Sally Jenson: Kid Lawyer


Andy Grammer

January 8, 2012

Andy Grammer performs "Keep Your Head Up"

Sketches: High School Technical, Anime Brothers


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