Snowy talking about her fabulous ball.
Gender Female
Profession New Jersey Princess
Family & Friends
Significant other Prince Carmine
Frenemies Beauty
Production Information
First appearance "High School Miserable"
Portrayed by Sonny Munroe

Snowy is the character Sonny plays in the sketch, "The Real Princesses of New Jersey". She is a parody of Snow White.


According to Snowy, her "men might be small, but [she's] living large". Snowy is a parody of Snow White and is the complete opposite of it. Snowy talks with gum, and a little bratty. Her character is mean, selfish, aggresive, and a little nice. Snowy has a frenemy relationship with Cindy as seen in "High School Miserable".

"High School Miserable"

Snowy is seen to be chewing gum. She and Beauty go to a manicure place and didn't invite Cindy. They lie that Cindy was invited but Cindy didn't see it. Originally, Cindy was in fact not invited to the manicure place. Snowy is seen to be tricking Cindy always by using the sleeping apple potion. Snowy accepts that her mother and the two other princesses' mothers are also witches.

"A So Random! Holiday Special"

This episode came out november 28. The princesses were exchanging gifts with each other. Snowy and Beauty are mostly the people exchanging gifts. The two princesses finally knows that Snowy's relationship is with Prince Carmine; who dated the two princesses in the past.She hates to get cheap gifts.


Prince Carmine

Prince Carmine has an onscreen relationship with Snowy. He appear in the Christmas Episode where he visits Snowy. But, their relationship reveals a secret after Prince Carmine is said to date all of the three Princesses. Cindy at the ball, and Beauty kissing him. But, it is unknown if they will break up or not. Prince Carmine and Snowy first has an on/off relationship. They will probably break up, since Sonny (Snowy) and Chad (Prince Carmine) broke up in the episode "Sonny With A Choice".


She and Cindy are mostly fighting. In High School Miserable, Snowy didn't invite her to her ball. She and Cindy are frenemies. Cindy is mostly the one starting the fights.


She and Beauty are known to be friends; not frenemies. They both hate Cindy. In High School Miserable, they both go to a manicure and talks about Cindy. In A So Random! Holiday Special, they exchange gifts and in a picture, it is seen that Snowy is laughing and Beauty gets weird at it.

Tony Two-Face

He is only seen with Cindy. But it is known that he is the magic mirror of the three princesses.


  • Sonny and Snowy both start with an S and Chad and Carmine start with a C. Coincidence?
  • Snowy obviously won't be returning in the sketch, due to Demi Lovato's Sonny Munroe decision to leave Sonny With A Chance.

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