Sing My Song for You
Sonny and Joe preforming "Sing My Song for You."


Lead Vocalists:
Sonny Munroe/Demi Lovato
Joe Jonas
Backing Vocalists:
Tawni Hart/Tiffany Thornton
Zora Lancaster/Allisyn Ashley Arm
Grady Mitchell/Doug Brochu
Nico Harris/Brandon Mychal Smith

Written By

Kari Kimmel & Scott Krippayne



Featured in

"A So Random! Holiday Special"

"Sing My Song for You" is a song preformed by Sonny Munroe (Demi Lovato) and Joe Jonas during the episode "A So Random! Holiday Special."


So Random-Joe Jonas Christmas Carroll

The rest of the Randoms join Sonny and Joe as backup singers. Awwwww!

Didn't know what to get you,

Ordinary just wouldn't do,

But I just found that perfect gift for you,

I hear church bells ringing,

Carollers are singing,

Harmony with me now You are looking so lovely, ohhh

But even if the lights go out,

We've got mistletoe,

And firelight,(yeah)

On this cold December night,

The snow outside,

Will set the mood,

As I sing my song.

We've got mistletoe

And firelight (yeah)

On this cold December night

The snow outside

Will set the mood

As I sing my song for you.

Sing my song for you

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