Sicky Vicky
Sicky Vicky
Seen in "Walk a Mile in My Pants"
"Gummy With a Chance"
"Chad Without a Chance"
"A So Random! Holiday Special"
Mentioned in "Sonny With a Secret"
Starring Sonny Munroe

Sicky Vicky is a So Random! sketch and The Big Comfy Couch Parody in "Walk a Mile in My Pants", "Gummy With a Chance", "Chad Without a Chance", "A So Random! Holiday Special", and "Sonny With a Secret" about a girl who was always sick and hosts a show from her bedroom on how to have fun when you're sick (like making a used q-tip crown). At end of each sketch she gives a teaser for her next sketch. In her first appearance she says, "Next time I will show you how to have fun with internal bleeding.", but she never does. Sicky Vicky at one time had athlete's foot. On another show, she shows different crafts to make while you're sick. A girl named "Alex Bazarski" at Vicky's school always comes sick and eventually gives it to Vicky, and thus making Vicky stay home.


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  • This is Sonny's first breakout sketch.
  • In "Sonny With a Secret", Sonny was accused of stealing the idea of Sicky Vicky from a "real" person "Vicky Sickowitz."
  • "Vicky Sickowitz" wears the same style of glasses as "Sicky Vicky" just in the color black as opposed to "Sicky Vicky"'s red pair. "Vicky Sickowitz" also wears two ribbons in her hair simliar to "Sicky Vicky", the only difference being "Vicky Sickowitz"'s ribbons are purple and "Sicky Vicky"'s are pink. "Vicky Sickowitz also has brown hair over "Sicky Vicky's" red hair
  • Tawni once tripped over the bed in "Gummy With a Chance" by stepping on Sonny's gum.
  • In "High School Miserable", Dakota takes over this sketch when she joins the cast of So Random! during their group dream sequence.
  • This is the only sketch in the show to involve one person.

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