Sally Jenson
Gender Female
Profession Kid Lawyer
Family & Friends
Production Information
First appearance "Sonny With a Chance of Dating"
Portrayed by Zora Lancaster

Sally Jenson is a character on So Random!. She is portrayed by Zora Lancaster. She is in the sketch: "Sally Jenson: Kid Lawyer " a parody of Judge Judy.

Sonny With A Chance Of Dating

In Sonny With A Chance Of Dating , Grady and Nico are trying to get under the yogurt machine in the cafeteria when they are caught by Murphy and so he bans them from it. Sally explains their case to him but when Murphy tells her that if she lets him eat his lunch in peace, he would let them "off the hook" but she replies by saying: "I wish it was that easy," Nico objects and says that it was that easy. She ends up getting them doing community service and they say "We were on the hook, then you put us off and now we're back on!" she says her catchphrase: I'm Sally Jenson! I fight for you! Grady says: "No, no you didn't!"

High School Miserable

The cast of So Random! did a rehearsal of the sketch, with Dakota replacing Zora without her knowing. Later, in the fantasy where they meet the school bully, Martha and she makes fun of Grady and he introduces her to Zora by saying "Meet my lawyer, Sally Jenson. She fights for me!" Martha says: "Meet my fists, they fight for me!" Zora/Sally nervously replies: "No objection your witness," Martha then took Grady to give him a wedgie "the hoodie". When Dakota takes over as Sally Jensen, she says the catchphrase and Zora replies, "I'm Sally Jensen, and I fight you!" and tries to beat up Dakota.


  • Another one case by Sally Jenson, Kid Lawyer! I fight for you!
  • I'm Sally Jenson! I fight for you!

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