Ryan Loughlin
BFA6B5C4790AD076BA0CA0 Large
Gender Male
Profession Tween Weekly TV Reporter
Family & Friends
Enemies Sonny Munroe
Tawni Hart
Chad Dylan Cooper
Nico Harris
Grady Mitchell
Zora Lancaster
Production Information
First appearance "Sonny With a Secret"
Portrayed by Regan Burns

Ryan Loughlin (Regan Burns) is a Tween Weekly TV reporter in "Sonny With a Secret," and "Sonny With a Choice".


Ryan is a determined reporter, who will go to any lengths to get his story. He is known for digging deep for his stories and often times comes off as a hypocrite. He is quite disliked by the characters during "Sonny With a Secret," but appears to have made amends during "Sonny With a Choice."


"Sonny With a Secret"

Ryan works on Tween Weekly TV as a reporter who will do anything to make a story. During "Sonny With a Secret", he is the main reporter of Sonny Watch, a segment that follows Sonny around in hopes that she will slip-up and reveal something that she would later regret. He even goes as far as dressing up as pizza delivery man and standing out Sonny's apartment for long hours all in an attempt to help convict Sonny of the crimes she's been accused of. He at a few points allows Sonny to tell her part of the story, but whenever things start to look in favor of his point of view (the point of view that she is a criminal) he will stop allowing her the chance to speak. And though Ryan is dead set on the fact that Sonny is a thief, once Sonny is revealed to be innocent, he quickly changes his story. He then claims to have been on Sonny's side the entire time. Karma comes into play at the end of the episode, when Sonny fires the cheese cannon and the melted cheese ball covers Ryan.

"Sonny With a Choice"

During "Sonny With a Choice," Ryan is announces the nominees for Tween Choice Awards. He then is the lead reporter for Tween Weekly on the red carpet getting the latest scoop on all the nominees. He interviews Sonny and Chad prior to the award's ceremony asking about their respective shows nominations for "Best Tween Show." Ryan hosts the award's show and nods at Chad when he's announcing the "Best Tween Show." It is obvious he believes MacKenzie Falls will win. He is just as shocked when So Random! wins. He interviews Sonny and Chad after the win, and comments how Chad appears to be "coo coo."

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