Rufus is a sketch performed in season 3 (So Random!) where Matthew Scott Montgomery plays Matthew Bailey, is Rufus, an annoying teenager who finds excuses to get out of trouble! In Rufus at the movies, he found excuses to stop his principal and Teacher Joanne from seeing a movie. Near the end of it, he says they're in a movie (Rufus: The Movie). And Rufus throws popcorn at Joanne claiming it is in 3D!! When Mindless Behaviour performs, he says the Randoms where stuck in traffic and went home!


Feel free to add a good Rufus quote from any episode!

Rufus: You're in a movie. It's called, Rufus: THE MOOVIE!

Joanne and Principal: Mmm!

Rufus: In 3D... (throws popcorn)!


Rufus: Oh, you're not gonna believe this... but the Randoms aren't coming!

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