Roadkill McGill's Roadside Diner
Seen in "A So Random! Halloween Special"
"A So Random! Holiday Special"
"Mitchel Musso (episode)"
Starring Grady Mitchell
Tawni Hart

"Roadkill McGill's Roadside Diner" is a sketch in both "A So Random! Holiday Special" and "A So Random! Halloween Special."


Paul, ofwehuuyeiublosert




  • This is one of the four main characters Grady has played.
  • There are two theme songs for this sketch.
  • In the Christmas version, Santa's Sleigh Crashes and they eat reindeer.
  • Paul's daughter has one tooth missing.
  • Sonny has been in every one of this sketch, except in the fourth episode of "So Random!" due to her departure of Sonny With A Chance.

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