Profession School Official
Family & Friends
Production Information
First appearance "High School Miserable"
Portrayed by E. E. Bell

The Principal (E. E. Bell) is the head of the public school the So Random! cast attends in the episode "High School Miserable".

Job at the Public School

The cast of So Random! assumes the principal will help them with the bullies that are harrassing them when they first arrive at school. Only to realize the principal couldn,t care less about how they are being treated. He does, however, know how to take care of sandwiches. He is very unsympathetic to So Random! and the problems they face in their new surroundings. He informs the cast that there is in fact "No singing in high school." and that they're performance was awful compared to that of Dakota's which he thought was beautiful. And though he does not care much for the cast of So Random!, he does appear to like Chad and MacKenzie Falls. He also gives the cast double detention for singing and having their phones out in the hallway.the principal along with martha and schoolmates fade after sequence dream.


  • The Principal, together with Martha and the other schoolmates, exists only in the imagination of the So Random! cast

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