Prince Carmine
Prince Carmine giving an interview.
Gender Male
Profession Prince of New Jersey
Family & Friends
Significant other Snowy
Enemies Beauty
Production Information
First appearance "A So Random! Holiday Special"
Portrayed by Chad Dylan Cooper

Prince Carmine (Chad Dylan Cooper) is the prince charming in "The Real Princesses of New Jersey" Christmas Sketch. Featured in the episode "A So Random! Holiday Special".


Prince Carmine is a New Jersey prince who is quite the player. He is quite the charmer and has dated every princess in New Jersey (there are only three: Snowy, Cindy and Beauty). He owns a carriage that he uses to woo the princesses. Once, he even tried to sell Cindy's glass slipper online, hinting that he is selfish, like his portrayer.


Prince Carmine at one time kissed Beauty awake with the intention of dating her, but, as soon as she was awoken, she would not stop talking and Carmine couldn't deal with that. And so, he dumped her. Prince Carmine also dated Cindy, but as soon as he saw her trying to shove her feet into a pair of glass slippers, he dumped her. He is now dating Snowy. She seems to be the only one without big flaws or flaws that are big to Carmine. So he has been staying with her the longest. He chooses the smallest reasons to dump, but to him they are really big reasons.


  • Intrestingly, Prince Carmine is played by Chad and Chad's character is dating Sonny's character, Snowy. So, Prince Carmine is dating Snowy and Chad is dating Sonny.
  • "Prince Charming" Chad probaly made that name up because he has so-called "Chaddittude".
  • Chad and Carmine both start with a C. And Sonny and Snowy both an S. Coincidence?
  • Carmine and Snowy most likely broke up, since Sonny (Snowy) and Chad (Carmine) split up in the episode "Sonny With A Choice".

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