Gender Female
Age 17
Hometown The Falls
Profession Bottle Making
Family & Friends
Parents Unnamed Mother
Unnamed Father
Friends Mackenzie
Trevor (assumed)
Devon (assumed)
Enemies Chloe
Production Information
First appearance The Legend of Candy Face
Portrayed by Marta Balatico
Leslie-Anne Huff (Actual Actress)

Penelope is one of the main female characters of the hit tween drama, MacKenzie Falls. She is played by Marta Balatico.


Penelope's family makes the water bottles that Mackenzie uses to bottle his water. Because of this, she thinks she's better than everyone else. Penelope used Mackenzie for her water bottles as seen in a minisode.


Penelope is very self-absorbed and will stop at nothing until she gets her way. She is also cruel does not care for others. She is very similar to Tawni Hart exept she thinks way too much about herself more than the latter.


  • Mackenzie is the guy Penelope is obsessed with, and with the fact that their family's businesses support each other, Penelope thinks that Chad belongs to her. She explicitly toldChad that she loves him in the Mackenzie Falls minisode "Bottled Emotions".
  • Chloe is Penelope's rival for Mackenzie's love. Penelope thinks that Chloe doesn't belong in their town, simply because Chloe's family are poor compared to the rest of the residents. Penelope usually calls Chloe "poor girl", leading Chloe to cry and run away.


  • She is one of the main anatogists in the MacKenzie Falls series.
  • Her actress, Marta Balatico, is also an anatogist in Chad and the Randoms' life. (see: Sonny With a Secret)


  • Penelope, Mackenzie, and Trevor
  • MacKenzie Falls Cast

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