Nico and Grady in Dakota's Revenge.


Sonny enters the Prop House with Nico,Grady,and Tawni greeting her.

Nico and Grady first met each other 13 years ago when they threw up on the same tea cup ride and are currently still the best of friends. These two have done a lot of mischeif and trouble in a hilarious way. They are both on So Random and enemies of Murphy. The two also don't like Sonny and Chads' Relationship just like the rest of their castmates. Nico and Grady have also been in a lot of great sketches together. Nico likes to give Grady dating advice, though neither of them have really been in a real relationship. Nico helped Grady talk to Mel and overcome the "Seamus McGregor" inside of him. They both enjoy playing video games, Grady's player 1 while Nico's player 2. They tend to get along with each other very well and make a great team. The two have fought before in "Sonny in the Middle", however, Nico and Grady will always have each other's backs and they are a great example in showing what true friendship really is. Nico and Grady were the only boys on So Random! but now Chad has joined they are not the only ones.


Nico: You know, we weren't in a rut at all!

Grady: Yeah, we didn't need Chaz.

Nico and Grady in My Two Chads

Nico: We have everything we need right here. [Points to each other]

Grady: [reading magazine] Grady Mitchell wrote the bird joke, dude you rock, and bok. [To Nico] Wow, you took up this big ad to apologize?

Nico: Your joke man, you deserve the credit.

Grady: You do realize you spelled bok wrong.

Nico: But I spelled friend right.

Grady: Actually, you did not. But it's the thought that counts.

Nico: But I spelled Grady right!

Grady: ...Come here buddy! [hugs]

Chad: Then again, you do get blown off by girls all the time.

Grady: NOT TRUE, I don't even get that far!

Nico: Well, I do okay, and this has all the signs of a girl losing interest in you. It happens in stages, stage 1, you're blown off.

Grady: Stage 2, they stop answering your phone calls, or so I've been told.

Nico: Oh yeah, I told you that.

Grady: Yeah, you did.

Nico: [To Sonny and Chad] Even though the idea of you two kissing, SICKENS us, what are you waiting for?

Grady: Yeah! Use it or lose it.

Chad: Like I'm gonna take advice from two guys who are dating their pillows.

Grady: Well, at least we've kissed them already.

Nico: Dude! Please don't advertise that!

Nico: Thanks for finding us a new dressing room Marshall.

Marshall: What choice did I have after what you did to the last one!

Nico: Okay! I admit, our 4th of July party did get a little out of hand.

Grady: Yeah.

Marshall: Who has a 4th of July fireworks display inside?

Nico and Grady: Patriots!

Nico and Grady as Check it out girls.

Marshall: Idiots!

Nico: I wonder if it was pie related.

Grady: What a way to go.

Nico: I know huh?

Grady: No. I mean death by pie, [happily] what a way to go! Come on! [Eats old pie]

[Nico stares at Grady]

Grady: What? 5 decade rule.

Grady:Hold up! It's Murphy!

Nico: Okay, just be cool G, just be cool! Don't act like we're gonna put our heads under the yogurt machine or anything.

[Murphy walks by]

Grady: Murphy.

Murphy: Chowder heads.

Nico: Murph!!!

Grady: SWEET. He's gone, there's no line! Let's do this thing.

Nico: It's fro-yo time!

Nico: I'd say we clean up nice.

Grady: Why sir, you look smashing.

Nico: As do you sir, as do you.

[Tawni walks in]

Grady: Wow, Tawni you look really good-

Tawni: Wait! Hold that obvious thought. Okay. You are now free to "Ooh and Ahh".

[Sonny walks in]

Nico and Grady: WHOA.

Tawni: Also acceptable.

Grady: That wasn't your whoa.

Grady: I was on a roll!

Nico: Level nine is not a roll!

Grady: Well of course you'd say that, you can't get past level five.

Nico: Oooh!

Grady: Your game stinks!

Nico: Oh, my game stinks?

Grady: Uh huh, uh huh!

Nico: At least I've got game where it counts! You've never kissed a girl!

Sonny: Oh, come on, you guys. Wait, really? You've never kissed a girl?

Grady: You know I'm waiting for just the right lady!

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