My Two Chads
Lou Ferrigno about to punch Chad in the face.
Alternate title(s) "What I Bike About You"
Series Sonny With a Chance
Season 2
Episode number 38
Airdate September 26, 2010

March 4, 2011 UK

Written by Dan Cohen & F.J. Pratt
Directed by Eric Dean Seaton
Prod. code 211
Guest starring Lou Ferrigno
# US viewers upon premiere 4.01 Million
Episode chronology
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"Chad Without a Chance" "A So Random! Halloween Special"
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"My Two Chads" formally known as "What I Bike About You" is an episode of Sonny With a Chance. It originally aired September 26, 2010.


The episode begins with Sonny and Chad preparing to go on a bike ride. Sonny is talking about how excited she is about their appearance on "Celebrity First Mates" for charity. They begin to ride their bikes, when another Chad appears riding a golf cart straight for them. Sonny calls out to the other Chad, thinking it's also Chad. The Chad on a golf cart drives straight into the Chad on a bike and sends him flying into a group of trash cans. Sonny runs over to the Chad lying in the trash cans, very concerned. Sonny is shocked when she realizes there are two Chads. The Chad on the golf cart flees. The other Chad begins to explain the situation, until the Chad on a golf cart appears and pulls the other Chad onto the golf cart and speeds away, leaving Sonny puzzled.

In the Prop House, Nico and Grady are incredibly bored. Nothing they suggest to each other sounds fun, and they decide the small argument they have while trying to figure out something to do is the most excitement they've had all week. Tawni walks in and reveals that she is hosting the game show "Celebrity First Mates". Nico and Grady are set to participate in said show, though they do not believe that it will bring them much enjoyment. Suddenly, Sonny runs into the Prop House and begins to explain that she just saw two Chads. Her cast mates are confused by her statement and think she sounds like a "nut job". Her cast mates attempt to give her an explanation for the two Chads. Grady claims that Chad must have an avatar, Nico claims he must be a hologram, and Tawni claims that Chad is using a look-a-like to cheat on her. Tawni tries to comfort Sonny by explaining to her that "Guys are dogs." and that "Hollywood guys are worst dogs of all.". Nico and Grady agree. Sonny decides to go ask Chad (or at least one of the Chads) for a logical explanation.


Chaz and Sonny on a date at a Mexican restaurant.

Sonny goes over to the MacKenzie Falls set and creeps up behind the "Chad" she believes to be the real Chad. She grabs him by the ear and yanks it, deciding that he is not a hologram. Sonny then says she never saw the movie "Avatar", so she has no position to judge whether he is an avatar or not. And since all her cast mates other theories are gone that only leaves Tawni's theory. Sonny then asks "Chad" where his secret girlfriend is. "Chad" responses that there is no secret girlfriend and his surprised that she never saw "Avatar". Sonny claims he wouldn't take her. "Chad" then explains that the real Chad wouldn't take her and he's not Chad, he's his stunt double, Chaz Milton Looper. Sonny is not buying the stunt double story, until Chad Dylan Cooper is called to wardrobe and Chaz doesn't leave because he's not Chad. He again introduces himself to her. Sonny responses, "Really?", expecting him to reply, "Really.", but he does not. Instead he replies, "Indeed.". Sonny is shocked by his reply and begins to explain to him how her and Chad's "Good. Good. Fine. Fine." dialogues go. Sonny is still not really buying the stunt double story, but she leaves regardless to find Chad.

Sonny walks down the hallway near the entrance to the MacKenzie Falls set to find what she believes to be the real Chad talking to a pretty girl. Sonny comes up behind him and calls him a "cheater" and slaps him across the face. Sonny explains to the girl that "Chad" is cheating on her. The girl slaps "Chad" across the face. Sonny slaps him again. The girl tells him that they're through and slaps him again. Sonny laughs until she realizes the girl said "Chaz" and not "Chad". Sonny then feels guilty about breaking Chaz up with his girlfriend, but soon after doesn't believe it's actually Chaz. She begins to ruffle his hair because she knows Chad hates when someone messes up his hair. After she done messing his hair up, Chaz does not fix it. Sonny is shocked, Chad always fixes his hair whenever it is messed up. Sonny finally realizes that this is not Chad. She feels terrible again about breaking him up with his girlfriend. He says it is okay, and that he'll fix up things on his own with his girlfriend. Sonny is now determined to find the real Chad, but she does not want to run into Chaz instead again, so she drags him along with her to find Chad.

In the Commissary, Nico and Grady are preparing fro-yo to eat, but it is does not make them any less bored.

Meanwhile, on the MacKenzie Falls set, Chad is acting out a scene with Lou Ferrigno. Chad's character, Mackenzie, is trying to buy out Lou, but Lou does not want his money. Lou would rather punch Mackenzie in the face. He grabs a hold of Chad's jacket and pulls him in for the punch, but Chad stops him before his able to complete the action. He calls for Chaz to come in and take the punch for him. At that moment, Sonny walks in dragging Chaz behind her. Sonny turns to Lou and tell him to leave. He growls at her, but she is not affected, so he leaves. Sonny wants to know the truth from Chaz and Chad. It becomes apparent that Chad does not want her to know the truth, so in turn, he calls for Chaz to mix it up with him, making it impossible for Sonny to tell which is Chad. After mixing it up, they both stand on either side of Sonny. She runs over to each of them and ruffles their hair. Chad immediately begins to fix his messed up hair, revealing himself to Sonny.

Chaz and Sonny sharing a moment in the Prop House.

Chaz leaves once Chad is revealed, stating that Chad will have to take the punch from Lou. Sonny turns to Chad for answers. And as she questions him, she begins to realize that he was not on their bike date earlier in the episode. Chad claims that he does have good reason why he wasn't own their date earlier. He claims that he doesn't know how to ride a bike. Sonny is relieved that her cast mates were wrong. She also thinks it's sweet that he went through all this trouble for one little thing. Chad looks very sheepish when she says that, implying this wasn't the first time he sent Chaz on a date with her. Chad reveals that he has contractual obligations that prevent him from putting himself in harm's way. Sonny demands to know what dates he didn't go on with her. He reveals he wasn't on their dart board date because of the sharp pointy objects, their hot chocolate date because of the hot liquids and their one-weekiversary to the Mexican restaurant because Mexican makes him gassy. Sonny is horrified by this knowledge and breaks up with him because their entire relationship has been a lie. He tries to explain, but she leaves angry. Lou comes back, thinking that Chad is Chaz and takes him off screen to do the punch in the face scene.

In Tawni and Sonny's dressing room, Sonny is telling her cast about her break-up with Chad. Grady reveals that him and Nico are very close to "breaking up" too, but Nico scolds him about talking about it. Sonny tells her cast about Chaz, and Nico and Grady believe that Chaz might be the person to help them out of their boredom. They run off to see Chaz. Chad pops out of the vent, causing the girls to scream. Chad asks Sonny for forgiveness, but she denies his request. Sonny continues to say that has dumped him as her partner for "Celebrity First Mates" and is now going to have Chaz as her partner because he actually knows her.

The scene cuts out and cuts back to Chaz in a full-body cast and Nico and Grady standing in rock climbing gear. Grady claims that they broke Chaz. Nico explains that sword fighting while spelunking sounded like a good idea at first, but it didn't end so well. Tawni tells Sonny she's probably going to have to call Chad to be her partner. Luckily, he is still hiding in the vents, so he pops out tell Sonny he's game. Sonny denies him again, saying that Chaz would still be a better partner, even broken. She comes to accept that Chaz won't be able to be her partner and that she cannot do the show. Chad convinces her that she has to do the show for her charity. She asks him what her charity is and fails miserably at guessing it. Sonny reluctantly accepts Chad's offer to be her partner, but only for her charity.

On "Celebrity First Mates", the contestants are Chad and Sonny, Nico and Grady, and two girls from Tween Gladiators. Sonny is obviously still angry at Chad. Tawni asks, "Where and when did you meet your first mate?". Nico chimes in first with the correct answer. Sonny leans over to Chad and asks him why he didn't chime in, only to realize he doesn't remember. The next question is, "What's your first mate's favorite video game?". Again Nico chimes in with the correct answer. Sonny reminds Chad of her favorite video game, only to realize he wasn't on the date they played it.


Chad and special guest the Hulk at the Mackenzie Falls set.

Soon enough, Nico is on a roll with his correct answers about Grady. Sonny is disappointed that didn't answer one question right. Tawni then reveals the scores, with Nico and Grady in first with twenty-three, the Tween Gladiators in second with six and Sonny and Chad in last with negative four. They are alerted that there are only sixty seconds left. Tawni asks the next question, "What is your first mates' birthday?". Sonny chimes in first and Chad answers incorrectly. She becomes angry and begins to ask him a series of questions about herself, all of which Chad answer incorrectly. Sonny decides to go basic and ask what her phone number is. Chad says that's not a easy question because everyone is on speed dial now. Nico and Grady chime in with each other's phone numbers. Nico and Grady realize that they weren't a rut at all. They have everything they need right there. Sonny and Chad, on the other hand, are still on the rocks. Sonny goes to leave, but Chad catches her and tells her that he does know something about her. She is the first girl who ever called him out on being a "jerk". He claims it's because she knew that beneath that jerk was a guy worth getting to know. Chad asks for a second chance, but Sonny refuses to give him one and walks out.

After leaving, Sonny is walking outside the studio, when Chad attempts to ride a bike over to her. She at first is angry that he lied about not being able to ride a bike, but soon realizes that he actually wasn't for he's nearly falling off and wobbling. Chad says he's very afraid on the bike, but he's more afraid of losing her. He begins reaching out to her (literally) because he does not know how to stop the bike. She watches as he crashes into a group of trash cans. Sonny becomes very concerned and runs over to make sure he's alright. She asks him a series of questions, the last being what is today's date. He replies, "October 2nd.". She tells him to remember that because that is the date she gave him a second chance. Chad begins to cry because of the pain from his crash, and Sonny gives him a hug to comfort him.

The episode ends with Sonny and Chad back on the game show. To every question that is asked, Chad's answer is "October 2nd.". Sonny at first thinks it's cute that Chad appears to be so excited that she gave him a second chance that he doesn't want to forget it. But after he replies "October 2nd." to her and she notices how strange he's acting, she believes he might have a concussion from his crash. Sonny hits the buzzer and calls for a doctor. Only to have Chad hit the buzzer right after her and say, "Doctober 2nd."

TONIGHT Catch a all NEW Episode of Sonny with a Chance My Two Chads00:31

TONIGHT Catch a all NEW Episode of Sonny with a Chance My Two Chads

The official episode preview.


Special Guest Star

  • Lou Ferrigno as Himself


  • Melissa Carnell as Pretty Girl



  • Chaz is introduced in the episode. He must be MacKenzie from the holiday special.
  • This episode along with Chad Without a Chance have Sonny with whiter skin than the past episodes with her being tanner.
  • The episode was first known as What I Bike About You.
  • It is learned from this episode that Chad doesn't know how to ride a bike.
  • Chad thinks making cocoa is "dangerous."
  • We find out that Mexican food makes Chad gassy
  • Chad thinks darts are harmful to his face.
  • Chad makes Chaz do almost all dates with Sonny; causing Sonny to break up with him but gets a second chance in the end.
  • Sonny's favorite game, Dance Dance Dance Attack, is a parody of Dance Dance Revolution.
  • After this episode and the holiday special, Chaz is not seen again.
  • Sonny knows Chad hates to have his hair messed up, whether as Chaz doesn't mind it.
  • Sonny mentions that her birthday is August 20th, which happens to be Demi's birthday, too.


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