Mitchel Musso
Mitchel performing Get Away.
Series So Random!
Season 1
Episode number 4
Airdate June 26, 2011
Written by TBA
Directed by TBA
Prod. code 304
Guest starring Mitchell Musso
Episode chronology
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"Selena Gomez and The Scene" "Tony Hawk"
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"Mitchel Musso" is the fourth episode of So Random!. It will premiere June 26, 2011.


Strawberry Shortbread Saves the Earth- A girl name Strawberry Shortbread (Bridget) lives in Strawberry Land. An alien invasion destroys 2 of her friends: Blueberry Pie (Tawni) and Lemon Cake (Zora). Now, it's up to her to save Strawberry Land, but when she finds out her best friend (A Stuffed Animal) is working with the enemy, things go from berry bad to berry berry bad.

Guac-A-Mole- A boy (Mitchel) with a giant mole has been ignore by his friends. And he use Guac-A-Mole to cover his mole and gets loved by his friends again.

Possibly Sarcastic Skip- A boy name Skip (Chad) always been sarcastic so sometimes people can't tell is he being sarcastic or not.

Roadkill McGill's Roadside Diner- Fun send up of Reba (Grace) a country singing cutie with a taste for roadkill

Carnival Games- A couple (Nico and Tawni) are at a carnival and play Grady's game: throw a ball in a hole to win his girlfriend a bear. But Grady keeps cheating for him to lose. In the end, he finaly win a bear, but it's not teddybear, it's a real bear.

The Real Princesses of New Jersey: Fairy Godfather- Cindy (Tawni)'s father gets re-married and she has to be a maid for her 2 stepsisters (Grace and Bridget). And the story continues just like Cinderella.

Mitchel Musso- Mitchel Musso performs Get Away.




  • This episode has been pulled from the airwaves and from the iTunes Store, due to Mitchel Musso's October DUI arrest (which subsequently caused him to be removed from the cast of [Pair of Kings], and his show [PrankStars] to be put on hiatus indefinitely in the United States (though episodes are still airing in the UK)).

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