Mindless Behavior
Series So Random!
Season 1
Airdate August 7, 2011
Written by TBA
Directed by TBA
Guest starring Mindless Behavior
Episode chronology
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"Jacob Latimore" "Colbie Callat"
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Mindless Behavior is the eigthth episode of So Random!. It premiered August 7, 2011. Mindless Behavior performs "My Girl."


Awkward Years Cocoon -- A spokesperson (Matthew) introduces the Awkward Years Cocoon, a cocoon which makes teenagers more appealing and confident. He demonstates this on 3 kids, including his own daughter (Zora).

Introduction: Rufus (Matthew) hijacks the introduction and says the cast of So Random! isn't there.

The Coolest Kid in School (Part 1): The coolest kid in school (Grady) is called to the principal's office, so that the principal can paint his picture

Mr. McNamara: The Irish substitute teacher, Mr. McNamara (Damien), mispronounces "forty' and says "farty", making the students laugh. The students use this and ask him questions with the answer of forty.

The Coolest Kid in School (Part 2): The coolest kid in school (Grady) lists more of his accomplishments.

The Platowski Brothers: Twin brothers, Cane and Dwayne (Grady and Chad) who hate each other sell CDs with songs about how much they hate each other.

The Pig's Speech: Porky Pig (Grady) tries to get an acting job, but he has a problem with stuttering.

This May Hurt a Bit: Ben (Nico) finds himself trapped in a ballerina commercial, a law firm commercial, and various other commercials when he goes to the dentist.

The Coolest Kid in School (Part 3): More accomplishments by the Coolest Kid in School (Grady).

Mindless Behavior performs "My Girl"


Guest Stars

  • Shayne Topp as Shayne Zabo
  • Damien Haas as Damien Johanson
  • Matthew Scott Mongomery as Matthew Bailey/Rufus
  • Audrey Whitby as Audrey Vale
  • Drew Walsh as Drew Baker
  • Damien as Mr. McNamara
  • Mindless Behavior as themselves


  • Mindless Behavior was originally supposed to appear in episode 6, but Coco Jones took their place.
  • Damien Johanson's character, Dr. Goldstein reappears in the "This might Hurt a Bit" sketch
    • Chad Dylan Cooper's character, Sam Berman, also reappears in this sketch

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