Making Babies Cry
The cast of So Random! dressed for the sketch "Making Babies Cry".
Seen in "A So Random! Halloween Special"
Starring Nico Harris as Romeo Baby Smooth

Making Babies Cry is a sketch/song featured in the episode "A So Random! Halloween Special."


A young man is trying to charm the ladies, but he has one fatal flaw which makes women very unattracted to him; he enjoys making babies cry.


Nico/Romeo Baby Smooth: [Singing] Yeah...

Baby, there's something that I've got to tell you girl

It just may be the most important thing in the world

You know that I love you

And there's no one above you

But there is something I love even more than you

It's making babies cry!

I makes me feel alive

Monster peek-a-boo

It makes them go boo-hoo!

Making babies cry!

Your mommy wave bye-bye!

Your mommy wave bye-bye!

When I'm making babies cry!

Hey, baby, you're thinking that I'm crazy

Or that my reason, it is hazy

But I get so much joy

Making babies cry

The whimpers give me pride

Breaking babies' toys

It makes my favorite noise

Making babies cry

With screaming on the side

Making babies cry

Making babies cry

[Spoken] Baby, I know I'm not winning any popularity contests, but this is what makes me whole. Some guys have blogs. Or play checkers. Others organize book clubs. But me, I make tiny, adorable babies cry their little heads off!

[Singing] It's what makes me, me!

Meee! Yeah, yeah

Oh, it makes me, me

So, baby, take my hand

Together we will stand

And we can start

Making babies cry!

We'll laugh until we cry

Making babies cry

We'll do it til we die

Together spend our lives

Making babies cry

Making babies cry (x5)

Whaa, whaa!!!!

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