Dvd mackenzie
Gender Male
Age 17
Hometown The Falls
Profession Owner of the Falls
Family & Friends
Parents Unnamed Mother
Unnamed Half-Father
Siblings Devon (half-brother)
Evil Twin
Long-lost sister
Shaqkenzie (identical twin brother)
Friends Trevor
Enemies Devon
Evil twin
Accordion Player
Production Information
First appearance West Coast Story
Portrayed by Chad Dylan Cooper
Wesley Williger (Young Mackenzie)

Mackenzie is the lead character of America's number one tween drama, MacKenzie Falls. He is played by Chad Dylan Cooper.


After his father went missing, Mackenzie inherited the Falls, and with it, the family water business. This earned him the envy of his half-brother Devon, who tries to steal the family business at every turn. His best friend Trevor with him whenever he needs help, although most of the time, it is him doing the helping. Penelope, the heiress of the family who manufactures the bottles that hold the water for Mackenzie's water business, seems to be obsessed with him. Mackenzie appears to be in love with Chloe, the poorest girl in school. Mackenzie also apparently appears to be distinguished enough that they made a statue in his honor.
Chad dylan cooper

Mackenzie Falls Uniform on Chad Dylan Cooper


Mackenzie is the run-of-the-mill dream guy who is apparently adept at everything. He is an excellent student, getting straight A+s on his grades, while managing his family's water business. He enjoys golf, and he attended Golf Camp at one point during the series. He was shown to be fairly proficient in fencing and horseback riding. He also seemed to be a polka dancer and a polo enthusiast. He was also shown to be very melodramatic, for he falls on his knees and cries out whenever things get too hectic.


  • Chloe is Mackenzie's main love interest. The two of them seem to have mutual romantic feelings for each other, yet keep denying it on every turn. They are afraid to move forward with their relationship because of what people would say, with Mackenzie being the richest and Chloe being the poorest in town.
  • Penelope is Mackenzie's other love interest. Her family owns the water bottle business that runs in tandem with Mackenzie's family business. She seems obsessed with Mackenzie and declares him hers. Mackenzie claims that Penelope is evil after she tries to get rid of Chloe.
  • Trevor is Mackenzie's best friend. Mackenzie saved his hide already on numerous occasions, although it is not without reciprocation, for he gave the toast in Mackenzie's party when Mackenzie did not feel like doing it.
  • Devon is Mackenzie's half brother who resents him very much. Devon is jealous of Mackenzie's
    Mackenzie on The SWAC Holiday Special01:41

    Mackenzie on The SWAC Holiday Special

    Mackenzie on So Random

    inheritance, and to add fuel to the fire, Mackenzie accidentally killed his pet horse Hershey, the one thing their father left them. He tries to get the family business from Mackenzie at every possible opportunity, which fails spectacularly every single time.
  • Portlyn appears to be one of Mackenzie's former love interests, and went with him to a polo championship once.



Mackenzie and Chloe

  • Shoo
  • Fencing
  • Look a mirror , more of me
  • Look at my forarms
  • En gruad
  • I clean up nice
  • Take these my love
  • If you turn your head ,he looks a little like Zack Efforn
  • Shiny Sword

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