MacKenzie Stalls
27 mackenziestalls
Grady (instead of Chad )
Seen in the Legend of Candy Face
Parody of MacKenzie Falls
Starring Grady Mitchell
Sonny Munroe
Nico Harris
Tawni Hart
Zora Lancaster

MacKenzie Stalls is a sketch on So Random! which parodies MacKenzie Falls shown in the episode "The Legend of Candy Face."


Penelope believed she and MacKenzie were meant to be, but cannot forgive him when he leaves the toilet seat up. MacKenzie calls it a moment of weakness, but points out that Penelope has forgotten to flush after she went to the toilet. Portlyn asks Trevor if he washed his hands. Trevor says he did. Portlyn doesn't believe him and slaps him across the face. Also Mackenzie accidentally goes into the Girls bathroom as corrected by Penelope and he forgot to zip his zipper.

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