The MacKenzie Falls tent is featured in the episode The Legend of Candy Face.It is the total opposite of the So! Random tent. It was even described by Sonny as the "Taj Ma-tent" It is a large white marquee with the MacKenzie Falls logo on. The tent has all sorts of luxurys which later get destroyed by "Candy face", including

  • A blender called "Sénor Smoothie" (Later destroyed by "Candy face)

Massive inside

Inside of the tent is a lot of furnitur. Chads spanish type blender. Haha, and the rug of course MacKenzie falls crew would not risk getting their shoes dirty in the woods. Then there is the furniture so they don't have to sit or sleep on the floor. Chads seal skin slippers, and a picture of Chad hangin on the wall of the tent.

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