03 meditationroom

The MacKenzie Falls' Meditation Room

"This is the MacKenzie Falls' Meditation Room. Gotta keep your voice down, and your vibe up."
------— Chad Dylan Cooper, "Sonny at the Falls"

The MacKenzie Falls' Meditation Room is a room in the Condor Studios where the cast of Mackenzie Falls meditate on how superior they are compared to other shows. It can be found in one of the upper floors of Stage 2. It was first seen in "Sonny at the Falls". It was temporarily moved to the Prop House in the episode "Tales From the Prop House", until the cast of So Random! convinced (or forced) Chad to move it back to its original location.


  • Mats
  • Pillows
  • Gong
  • Plants


Aum, what great show we have...

Aum, what great actors we are...

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