Nico as MC Grammar.


MC Grammar PHD is a song sung by Nico, Tawni, Chad and others. Nico plays a rapper who rhymes and corrects people who don't say things proplerly.


Chad: Yeah, Yeah, Yeah My time is short, yeah, so let me be blunt i don't like your face, man, and i cant front So you and me are gonna have problems ya see, if you keep disrespecting my point of "V"

Shayne: I hear what you're saying and it ain't cool, in fact, you're kinda acting like fool i don't like, for one, that smack your talkin the way your walking! I don't like you always say waa! Start rockin'

Nico: Hold it up now! 1, 2, 3. Lets make those subjects and verbs agree and its "you and I", not "you and me"

Shayne: You sayin we rhymin bad?!

Nico: No, you're rhyming badly.

Chad: Who is you to be correcting me?!

Nico: I'm the only rapper that rhymes grammaticly

and its "who are you", don't ya see, I'm M.C. Grammar PhD

Tawni: If you wanna graduate

Nico: (who doesn't?)

Tawni: You gotta know how to conjugate

(I'm gonna conjugate my food up...) and if you wanna find a mate

Nico: (ooh lala)

Tawni: you gotta know hot to punctuate.

Shayne: I know he ain't serious!

Nico: "Ain't" is not a word, what you mean is is not, your coo coo like a bird!

Shayne: You strait up TRIPPIN'!

Nico: Why did you drop that "G" and replace it with an apostrophe? When you take a verb and add "ing" that's when it becomes a gerund, baby! Like...

Shayne: Kickin' (kickING)

Chad: Punchin' (punchING)

Shayne & Chad: We think its time for you to start runnin'! (runnING)

Tawni: If you wanna graduate you gotta know how to conjugate and if you wanna find a mate you gotta know hot to punctuate. yeah, yeah

Chad: You know we don't be liking what you tryin' teach!

Nico: Lets go over the parts of speech! You got adjective, pronouns, verbs and nouns!

Shayne: I'm gonna wipe that smile of that teachin' clown!

Nico: There's also adverbs, articles, and prepositions!

Chad: And were gonna CRUSH you!

M.C. Grammar - So Random - Disney Channel Official

Nico: That's an interjection!

Tawni: Even though he's right about all this grammar, he's correcting guys out of the slammer. he just cant leave well enough alone. I'm outta here, you're on your own!

Shayne: Should we beat him bad?

Chad: Lets bear him badLY!

Nico: I like the sound of that! oh, uh, WAIT! No, no! M.C. Grammar is out!

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