Justin Bieber is the eighteenth episode of So Random!. It premiered December 4, 2011. Justin Bieber performs "Mistletoe". This is a Christmas special.

Justin Bieber
Series Sonny With a Chance
Season 1
Episode number 18
Airdate December 4, 2011
Written by Michael Feldman & Steve Marmel
Directed by Bruce Leddy
Prod. code 326
Guest starring Justin Bieber
# US viewers upon premiere 4.1
Episode chronology
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"Leigh-Allyn Baker, Mia Talerico" "Christina Grimmie"
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The Gift of Grammar- MC Grammar raps about grammar and Christmas.

The Platwoski Brothers: Christmas Album- The Platowski Brothers get a new Christmas album and sing about hate for each other as well.

The Coolest Kid in School Part 7- The announcer list things about the coolest kid in school once again.

Raised by Beavers- A girl who was raised by beavers wants her two front teeth, but then she has a dream where she has perfect teeth. Then she realised that her teeth are really helpful.

The Coolest Kid in School Part 8- Once again the announcer list good qualites about the coolest kid in school.

Harry Christmas from VoldeMart- VoldeMart is selling holiday products.

Justin Bieber- Justin Bieber performs "Mistletoe"


Special Guest Star

  • Justin Bieber as himself

​Guest Stars

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