Cast of Joe-nastics except for Zora.

Joe-Nastics is on A So Random! Holiday Special with special guest star Joe Jonas. It's about Joe having Gymnastics and exercise moves which are really easy. At first a goth girl walks in and announces.


  • Sonny as The Goth Girl
  • Joe as Himself
  • Tawni as Herself
  • Grady as Himself
  • Chad as Black-haired boy
  • Nico as Other Black-haired boy

Moves (Shown on A So Random! Holiday Special)

  • Microphonas Jonas Dip
  • How Low Can You Joe? Power Slide
  • Windmill Joe
  • Run From Screaming Girls Move


  • The whole cast is featured in this sketch, except for Zora.
  • Sonny is a rocker on here.
  • Sonny and Joe are seeming to enjoy each other on here, and after this they sing a duet together.

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