Jeff and Officer Rothband protecting Chad's private bathroom.
Gender Male
Profession Security Guard
Family & Friends
Friends Officer Rothband
Nico Harris
Grady Mitchell
Sonny Munroe
Production Information
First appearance "Hart to Hart"
Portrayed by Jeff Dunham

Jeff is the security officer who fills in for Murphy in the episode "Hart to Hart."


Jeff is way more laid back compared to his counterpart Officer Rothband, who is very aggressive and high strung. He becomes frightened easily and is depicted as a nervous fellow. He has a good sense of humor and finds much enjoyment in watching So Random! than MacKenzie Falls, which he has been known to sleep through.


In "Hart to Hart," Jeff is charged with the task of protecting Chad's private bathroom from being used by anyone, but him. When Chad realizes someone has used his bathroom, Jeff initially begins to joke with him about the matter, although Chad finds no humor in the situation. Jeff is then given the task to "flush out" the culprit. Eventually, it is revealed that Jeff himself used Chad's bathroom to get back at Officer Rothband for constantly talking about how amazing MacKenzie Falls is. Sonny eventually advises Jeff to stand up for himself to Officer Rothband. This causes Officer Rothband to flee to Sonny's apartment to sulk and demand hot cocoa, just as Tawni does in the same episode.

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