"Jack Sparrow" is a sketch featured in "Greyson Chance," the second episode of the comedy series So Random!. It is also one of several supposed episodes of a made-up show known as The Sparrow Family. It is a parody of the main character of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, whose name is Jack Sparrow. In the sketch, there is a sparrow whose name is Jack (played by Shayne Topp) and is dressed similarly to that of the character in the Pirates of the Caribbean films. He is seen flirting with different birds throughout the course of the sketch, something that the actual character did in the Pirates film series. He is being warned throughout the course of the sketch by his siblings, played by Zora and Chad. At the end of the sketch, Jack sees a cat and unsuccessfully attempts to fly out of the nest, only to fall and be told by his siblings that they cannot yet fly.

thumb|right|300px|The "Jack Sparrow" sketch, as seen in "So Random!"

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