Hula Sketch
Seen in "Walk a Mile in My Pants"
Starring Sonny Munroe
Grady Mitchell
Nico Harris
Tawni Hart


It is unknown if this sketch will ever return. It is first seen in "Walk a Mile in My Pants". It is only seen as a practice. It is about people dancing the hula. During their rehearsal, everyone stops the music because of their problems, so it hard to grasp the full idea of the sketch. Though from Nico and Grady's lines it can be assumed the sketch is about hula dancers on "The Lovely Studio of Iwannawannahula". Some of the hula dancers do not want to participate in the hula, but they are being instructed to continue the hula (ex. Grady: Iwannawannahula. Nico: But I don't wanna hula. Grady: But still you gotta hula.). The sketch is supposed to be three minutes long, but only the first couple seconds are shown. The So Random! set contains rubber trees and a tiki head for this sketch.


  • Everyone stopped the music because of their problems. Tawni stopped the music because of her Skinny Jeans problem and Sonny because of her problem with Chad; both times irritate Nico and Grady, who appear to be the only ones interested in rehearsing.
  • The hula sketch introduces the new So Random! set.
  • This is the first time Marshall Pike was not present at the So Random! rehearsal.
  • Even though this was the second episode shot for Season Two, this is the first episode to have a scene shot on the new So Random! door set.
  • This is the first sketch seen in Season 2.

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