16 howie
Gender Male
Profession Condor Studio Cafe Staff
Family & Friends
Frenemies Chad Dylan Cooper
Enemies Nico Harris
Grady Mitchell
Production Information
First appearance "Sonny in the Kitchen with Dinner"
Portrayed by Lanny Horn

Howie (Lanny Horn) is one of the people who runs a stand in the cafeteria. He sells sandwiches named after famous celebrities (ex. The Chad Hero Sandwich). He once helped Chad foil Nico and Grady's dream of getting a sandwich named after themselves by telling them that it is the most horrible thing he's tasted.

In Sonny in the Middle, Grady and Nico trick him into saying puns that are joked as customers' names, such as "Pat Mahiney (pat my hiney)", and "Smell mapits (Smell my pits)". When Sonny laughed at an actual costumer's name, "Rip Abigone", Grady and Nico complain at her for acting immature despite that they just did it.



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