High School Miserables is a song from the episode "High School Miserable", sung by the cast of "So Random!" during lunchtime at public high school.


Tawni: I've never ever been to public school..

Martha: What is she doing?

High School Miserable02:02

High School Miserable

Sonny: She`s telling everybody how miserbale she feels.

Tawni: I've never thought i would be so cruel!

Martha: By singing?

Sonny: looks like it.

Nico: It's endless, we're friendless...

Grady: It's nothin' but pain...

Zora: And no one in this dump knows our name!

Sonny: alright Martha, give me a boost!

Sonny: I know that you think that this is my fault!

Tawni: (Spoken) We do!

Sonny: The catty comments, and the constant assaults!

Grady: (Spoken) It's cool!

Sonny: I've been here once, and I'm still alive

So listen if you wanna survive

All: Inside this High School Miserable!

Tawni: I'd never thought I'd be invisible.

All: In this High School Miserable!

Sonny: You just gotta keep being indivisible.

All: In this High School Miserable

Don't understand what is happening to me.

In this High School Miserable

Someone get me back on TV

Nico: I thought all the girls here would go crazy for me,

If love's a test, I'm clearly getting a D.

Grady: I never knew how high my undies would go,

There's tons of wedgies, I didn't know.

Like The Hoodie, The Hourglass. (Ow!)

The 360 Spin! (That hurt)

The fig leg, The bat. The Bowling Pin (Strike!)

The donkey, the Monkey. (Man, am I sore.)

Zora: (Spoken) I can't believe there's 28 more... neat!

Tawni: Someone get me back on TV.

All: Away from High School Miserables It's endless, we're friendless

Nico: This place is cruel!

All: Someone get us away from High School Miserables

Tawni: Someone get us back on..

All: Away from High School Miserables!

Someone get us back on TV.

Zora`s Speaking Part (Untited Kingdom, Alternative)

This sould land the law

on the dread Dakota Condor!

by doing what she Said!

Extended Version

Grady: The Fart PU! The Grammy Award YAY, And the Piss!

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