High School Miserable
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Series Sonny With a Chance
Season 2
Episode number 5
Airdate April 18, 2010
Written by Michael Feldman
Steve Marmel
Directed by Carl Lauten
Prod. code 206
Guest starring Genevieve Hannelius
Michael Kostroff
# US viewers upon premiere 2.9 Million
Episode chronology
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"Sonny with a Song" "The Legend of Candy Face"
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"High School Miserable" is the fifth episode of the second season of Sonny With a Chance. It aired on April 18th, 2010.



Snowy describing her fabulous ball.


Tawni complaining about the studio confiscating her dog.

The cast is full of nothing but complaints. They decide to send Mr. Condor about their complaints.

When Mr. Condor puts his daughter Dakota on “So Random!", they whined to him about his daughter. Mr. Condor fires them, forcing them to attend public high school where they are constantly bullied and sent to detention.

Most of them have never been to public school, so they act as though they're in High School Musical, not knowing any better.

Meanwhile, Chad delivers inspirational speeches to students about the importance of education and The Test of Life.

Chad also stated that the So Random! cast had gotten an F- on the Test of Life. He ends up speaking at the high school where the "So Random!" cast is enrolled, much to their dismay.

Soon, the So Random! cast try to escape by having Chad help them escape by making him notice them, but Chad instead uses a gizmo that throws T-shirts that have images of him (with an A+ on The Test of Life) shaped into cylinders at the So Random! cast, in order, from Tawni, Zora, Nico, Grady and finally, Sonny.

But in the end, they were just imagining what would've happen if Sonny sent the letter to Mr. Condor. By the end of the episode, Grady tries to send the letter to Mr. Condor but is stopped by Sonny.

Soon, Grady finds his underwear tied to a chair just like the bully kept doing to him in the fantasy (which did not exist in the episode), so an air of mystery is left open.


Chad comes to make his speech


The cast of So Random! trying to get Chad's attention.


Seen Sketches

Unseen Sketches

  • "The Rappin' Pirate"


  • "High School Miserables" - sung by the cast of So Random!
  • "Carmen: Act I - Habanera: La voila...L'amour est oiseau rebelle" - performed briefly by Dakota, and played during the slow-motion climax.


Guest starring


  • The title of this episode "High School Miserable" is an obvious parody of the movie High School Musical with Les Miserables.
  • The title of this episode "High School Miserable" is also the name of the song sung on this episode. Also the song's title is a parody of HSM 3 song "High School Musical".
  • The sketch "The Real Princesses of New Jersey" is a parody of the show The Real Housewives of New Jersey, and of the Disney company's own Disney Princess franchise.
  • It appears that Sonny has not got over the fact that Dakota tied her up in "Sonny and the Studio Brat", as it happens again in the fantasy, minus a gag.
  • Sonny made a reference to James Cameron's blockbuster Avatar by mentioning that one time Grady thought Pandora was a real place, just like Narnia.
  • The performance done by Sonny, Tawni, Grady, Nico and Zora reflects the cast of High School Musical performing their performance in the school's cafeteria.
  • Some fans believe that the real Chad would act differently than the Imaginary Chad seen in this episode.
  • This episode is one of the episodes that features slow motion. (When Chad was at the high school shooting the Randoms with towels) The others being "Promises, Prom-misses" and "Sonny With a Secret".
  • Most of this episode was a fantasy. and Martha is not real.
  • Sonny had replaced the vending machine with apples, but later on, the junk food reappears.
  • There is an extra during the high school scenes who is wearing almost, if not the exact, same outfit Sonny wore in "Sketchy Beginnings".
  • After the fantasy is over, Sonny's pink earring gem is on the earring, then it is not there, then it is back on the earring again.
  • This episode was voted number one episode of Sonny With a Chance for 2010.
  • Another mistake made in this episode is when Dakota does the Sally Jenson sketch and Zora comes in and she walks in wearing glasses and when she starts to fight Dakota they disappear. Before Sonny says stop fighting she is clearly not wearing them but as the camera changes to point at Sonny and Zora she is wearing them. You can view this mistake by following the youtube link and the mistakes starts at 6 minutes 37 seconds to 7 minutes and 28 seconds.
  • The real Chad was actually not present in this episode, as most of the episode took place in a dream.
  • Right before she starts singing, Sonny has Martha help her onto the table. Martha looks confused and starts slowly walking away. The camera does a close-up shot of Sonny. Before the shot, we see that Martha is still right next to the table. When the close up shot ends, Martha is away from the Table, looking at the gang strangely. She moved far too quickly.

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