Gender Male
Age 31-45
Birthday Unknown
Profession Actor
Family & Friends
Significant other Ms. Bitterman
Friends Sonny Munroe
Frenemies Chad Dylan Cooper
Production Information
First appearance "The Problem with Pauly"
Portrayed by Bobby Slayton

Hank (Bobby Slayton) is an actor who plays the role of "Pauly" in the kid's show Pauly and Pals in episode "The Problem with Pauly."


Ms. Bitterman

Ms. Bitterman and Hank having been dating for at least a little while before "The Problem With Pauly" and they are both excited to take their relationship to the next level--i.e., they're excited for Hank to meet Ms. Bitterman's cat, Dr. Mittens.

Originally when Ms. Bitterman goes to introduce Dr. Mittens to Hank, she's surprised to find Sonny is in Hank's "Pauly" costume. Ms. Bitterman suspects that Hank has run away from her and she begins to sulk over her terrible love life.

Eventually Ms. Bitterman is able to introduce Dr. Mittens to Hank. Unfortunately, Dr. Mittens attacks Hank's face, thus ending Ms. Bitterman and Hank's romantic relationship.

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