Zora watches in horror as Gummy rolls away.


Zora Lancaster

Medium Used

Chewed Gum

Gummy is Zora's giant ball of gum in the episode "Gummy With a Chance".


She made the Gummy out of all the chewed gum she could get her hands on (literally). She got most of the gum from what the Randoms scraped off the bottoms of the tables in the cafeteria. She has a habit of getting it stuck to her hands. She also asks a complete stranger for his gum ("When you're done with that, call me."). She seems to take a lot of pride in Gummy and even chewed up all of Sonny's gum so she could add it to the ball although somehow Sonny got all her gum back.

Chad about to be hit by Gummy

Chad about to get hit by Gummy.

Zora likes to make Gummy mysteriously appear beside other people, like she does herself, which frightens them. Gummy eventually rolls down the slide in the Prop House while she is adding more gum and runs over Chad in the hallway while he's trying to escape a disastrous photo shoot in his dressing room. It is unknown what happened to it after it rolled away.

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