This is the pairing of Grady Mitchell and Sonny Monroe. Also known as Sady (S/onny and Gr/ady). Grady seemed to have a crush on Sonny and was disgusted when she was dating Chad. That could've been of jealousy. In the first episode, Grady kissed Sonny's hand. In the prom episode, (see picture) they went to prom together, since Sonny missed her prom in Wisconsin. Sonny and Chad end up dancing at the end together, but Grady must have been jealous, but he doesn't really care, as long as Sonny's happy dancing with Chad. Its biggest and alone main rival is Channy (Ch/ad and So/nny)

Sady Moments

Season 1

Sketchy Beginnings

  • Grady says that Sonny was "that funny girl from the internet."
  • When Sonny says "sorry I'm a hugger," to Tawni, Grady slaps Nico across the head after he says, "small world so am I."
  • Grady laughs at Sonny's sketch idea.

West Coast Story

  • After Sonny views the Egg Salad video, Grady nudges Sonny on the arm 3x.
  • Grady cheers on Sonny in the final round of Musical Chairs.
  • Sonny and Grady 'clink' their frozen yoghurt cups together.

Sonny At The Falls

  • Grady is shocked when she sees Sonny in MacKenzie Falls uniform.
  • Sonny laughs at Grady's arm farts.

Sonny With a Chance of Dating

  • Grady gets annoyed that she didn't pick him to be her 'fake' date.
  • Grady is shocked when he sees Sonny and Chad together.

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