Memorable Grady Mitchell quotes.

Sketchy Beginnings

Grady: You played the stomach, I played the barf.

Sonny at the Falls

Tawni: [Grady, Nico, Tawni, and Zora jump out from behind a corner dressed up as the Loser Force Four] This is why I don't trust.

Nico: Zora, why are we dressed like this?

Zora: Because we're on a mission! We need disguises! Now back in your poses! [they re-pose and walk down the hall]

Grady: [after getting shocked by Zora] Ow! Stop shocking me!

Zora: Sorry! I haven't yet mastered my powers!

Tawni: My hair itches!

Grady: I have never felt more free. I was born to wear a cape. [Zora licks her finger and pokes Grady, shocking him] Ow! What was that for?!

Zora: I just mastered my powers.

You've Got Fan Mail

Grady: . . . All I can think about is what is inside that box. [glances at the tall box behind him]

Nico: Let's open it! [hops off of couch and goes toward it]

Grady: No! Nuh, nuh, nuh, nuh, no! We can't do that! It's Zora's and it says "private and confidential, do not open"!

Nico: Yeah, but if you stand like this [grabs a large envelope from Grady and places it over the words "private and confidential, do not" and laughs] it just says open. [they smile and try to open it] Right here, got the tape. [an rubber toy arrow hits Grady in the forehead] Whoa!

Zora: Back away from the box or it's gonna get messy. [Grady pulls the arrow off of his forehead]

Nico: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, ho-ho-hold up, Zora! What's the big deal? W-We weren't really gonna open it.

Zora: Yeah, right! You guys open every single package I get and eat what's inside. Whether it's food or not!

Grady: Oh, come on! Tell us what's inside the box.

Zora: You really want to know?

Nico and Grady: Yeah.

Grady: Tell us.

Zora: Okay, come in real close. I'll tell you. [Nico and Grady go to her and she yells] NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS! [Nico and Grady jump back in surprise] So keep your mitts off my mail, punks! [moves her box out of the Prop House]


Grady: [to Nico in the Prop House with Zora's box] You ready?

Nico: Very ready. [they rip open the cardboard box to find a crate]

Grady: We're gonna need a crowbar. [15 minutes later, the break open the crate with a crowbar to find a nicely wrapped, smaller present with a bow] We're gonna need some scissors. [37 minutes later, Nico's tied up with the ribbon, struggling to get it off of him; Grady holds up a pair of scissors] May I?

Nico: Stupid ribbon.

Grady: [cuts the ribbon on the present] Oh!

Nico: One. . . two . . .[they prepare to lift up the present]

Grady: [sniffs] Dude, you smell that?

Nico: [sniffs] Smells like her grandma's homemade chocolate chip cookies!

Grady: Yeah!

Nico and Grady: [they throw off the top part of the present to find Zora's head surrounded by cookies and jump back in surprise and shock] Agghhh!

Zora: Who wants cookies? [Nico and Grady run off] Works every time. [uses her mouth to eat a cookie]

Sonny With a Chance of Dating

Zora: Why would Murphy ban you two from the cafeteria?

Nico: Apparently it's against studio policy to shove yo head underneath the yogurt machine. [smiles] It was worth it.

Grady: [laughs sardonically] Well, some of us wouldn't know.

Nico: Let it go!

Zora: Look, what you two need is a lawyer.

Nico: What do we need a lawyer for?

Zora: To plead your case to Murphy and to get your ban overturned.

Nico: Where are we gonna get a lawyer?

Zora: Huh, you're looking at her. [smiles]

Grady: But, do you even know what you're doing?

Zora: I think we all know the answer to that. [reminds them of Sally Jensen] Another case won by Sally Jensen, kid lawyer! I fight for you!


Zora: [in the cafeteria] Officer Murphy, I'm Sally Jensen, kid lawyer.

Murphy: I'm familiar with your work.

Zora: Good. Now, did you or did you not see my clients underneath the yogurt spout?

Murphy: I did.

Zora: I was hoping for "did not." [to Nico and Grady] Side bar, please! [the three huddle to the side] Okay, you guys are doomed. Dummy up while I go in for a plea bargain. [goes back to Murphy] Alright, my clients accept thirty years to life.

Nico and Grady: What?!

Nico: Side bar! [they huddle to the side again] What are you doing? You are the worst lawyer ever.

Murphy: I'll tell you what, you let me eat my lunch in peace, and I'll let these two beefsacks off the hook.

Zora: Ah, I wish it was that easy.

Nico: It is that easy!

Zora: A good way to get them to stay off the hook is if my clients do some community work in the cafeteria.

Grady: What?! No, wait -

Murphy: - community service? What a great idea. [to Zora] Three hours?

Zora: Three, or six? [Murphy leaves]

Nico: Stop doing that! We were off a-a-and you put us back on.

Zora: That's because I'm Sally Jensen, kid lawyer! I fight for you!

Grady: No. You didn't. 

Sonny and the Studio Brat

Tawni: We're going to somewhere so cool, so exclusive, so underground... it doesn't even exist!

Grady: We're going to Narnia?!

Sonny: There's no basement!?

Grady: And that's exactly how I felt about Narnia!

Sonny in the Middle

Grady: I was on a roll!

Nico: Level nine is not a roll!

Grady: Well of course you'd say that--you can't get past level five.

Nico: Oooh!

Grady: Your game stinks!

Nico: Oh, my game stinks?

Grady: Uh huh, uh huh!

Nico: At least I've got game where it counts! You've never kissed a girl!

Sonny: Oh, come on, you guys. Wait, really? You've never kissed a girl?

Grady: You know I'm waiting for just the right lady!

New Girl

Mel: Next...? Oh hey Grady.

Grady: Aye..! I mean...I would very much enjoy one of you signature mocha beverages, please.

Mel: Coming right up.

Grady: (to Nico as Mel goes to prepare his drink) How'd I do?

Nico: I think you had her at 'very much'!

Grady: Yes! (high fives Nico)

Mel: (making the drink): He's such a dork...I love him!

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