Grace Gallagher
SWAC-Disrespect crop
Grace with Sonny and Tawni during the sketch
Gender Female
Profession Retired
Family & Friends
Friends Edith


Production Information
First appearance Random Acts of Disrespect
Portrayed by Estelle Harris

Grace Gallagher (Estelle Harris) is the elderly woman who wins "The Be So Random! for a Day Contest" in the episode "Random Acts of Disrespect".


Grace is generally a nice, elderly woman would appears to care very deeply for her grandchildren (Owen, Willow and Georgie). Though she does know how to be mischievous as shown toward the end of the episode when she tricks Sonny, Tawni, Nico, and Grady into believing they are being arrested. During the episode, she is portrayed as Sonny's counterpart (she is a vision of what Sonny could be like in 70 years). She has difficulty making it to the restroom and becomes insulted if anyone brings it up.



Edith is Grace's roommate. Their relationship is a mirror image of Sonny and Tawni's. The two fight and bicker, but they are unable to part with one another because they would miss each other too much. She is portrayed as Tawni's counterpart. She and Grace are somewhat "Frenemies" but Sonny and Tawni are now very close friends and best friends.


Sonny is the closest among the randoms in the whole episode. Sonny cares a lot for Grace unlike Tawni.

Grady and Nico

They both barely interact with Grace in the episode except for the sketch and the prank to teach both Sonny and Tawni a lesson.


  • Grace is part of two classes; "The Dos and Don'ts of Internet Dating" and Swimnastics.
  • Grace invites the "Daters" to come with her to the So Random! set because she claims that the Swimnastics class takes forever to get out of their bathing suits.
  • Grace is Sonny's counterpart.

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