Gotcha with Gilroy Smith
Format Talk show
Starring Gilroy Smith
Gotcha with Gilroy Smith is a talk show on which Sonny and Tawni are guests in the episode "Sonny So Far". The show tries to unearth deep, "dark" secrets about celebrities, often with the help of hidden cameras, and turn their lives upside down. "Think of it as a talk show that punches you in the neck." In "Sonny So Far", Gilroy nearly exposed the budding attraction between Chad and Sonny, but Tawni prevented him from doing so.


Known Guest Stars


  • "Sonny So Far" is the only episode in which Gotcha is actually shown, though there is a sign outside the prop house with the show's logo on it.
  • Thanks to the talk show Sonny and Chad tell there feelings for each other though its not shown it is presumed so.
  • Gilroy seem's to have the same type of attitude to Chad.

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